24 September 2020

Wilf & Eccles – Adopted

By FOAW staff
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Wilf and Eccles

Homed together

Bulldog experienced home with children over 10 years old

Wilf and Eccles are our pair of bonded Bulldogs that need to be homed together in a Bulldog experienced home. They are 3 years and 9 months

They have a wonderful friendly temperament and enjoy lots of cuddles. Eccles loves to play with her toys and especially her rags. Both are very relaxed and spend a fair bit of time asleep. They are fairly quiet in the house and garden with minimal barking. Both have no long-term health issues.

Both dogs love being made a fuss of and will wiggle their bums in excitement when someone calls them for attention. Both dogs also enjoy being groomed. They have been great when friends have visited the foster home and have been around older dog savvy children.

They get on well with each other and haven’t had any issues when they have seen other dogs but this has been very limited interaction and they will need further socialisation. They have not been tested with cats and smaller animals.

Both dogs are house trained and have been sleeping in an open plan living/dining area. They have a bed but have preferred to sleep on the rug, floor or sometimes sofa. Both have been fine when left during the night and haven’t showed any signs of being destructive at all.

Wilf eats fine with no issues whether it is wet or dry food. Eccles eats a mix of wet and dried food fine but dry food alone does need to be soaked in a small amount of water for a short while.

Wilf travels well as does Eccles however she can get a little nervous and shake for a short while but she is fine with some reassurance. She can get a little heavy with her breathing whilst travelling but this may also be down to her weight.

This gorgeous pair need a home that can give them lots of love and will continue their education in meeting other dogs and helping them to lose more weight. They would also need a secure garden where they can sit and enjoy the breeze on their faces.

3 years and 9 months

Homed together Bulldog experience

Children over 10 years old

Neutered and Spayed

Needs further socialisation with other dogs

Need to lose weight

Up to date flea, wormer and are microchipped

Have had first vaccinations.