26 September 2020

Tribble – Forever home found

By FOAW staff
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Oh, my goodness – a perfect little girl! It’s never been more true that good things come in small packages. And Tribble might be small but she is mighty… full of energy and curiosity.

We try not to use the word cute in our rabbit posts as, let’s be honest, all rabbits are cute! But Tribble is the epitome of cute – from the tip of her tail, to the beautiful white tip of her nose.

Tribble is an 8 month old Netherland Dwarf. She is a bundle of energy and loves to run and jump, giving the most impressive binkies for someone so small. She’s into everything, must know what’s going on and then wants to be part of it. She was timid around people when she first came in, but is really gaining in confidence in her fabulous foster home.

The only problem having a Tribble in your life is that you’ll spend far too much of your time watching her having fun. As with all rabbits, Tribble will need a lot of space to do those impressive binkies, with lots of toys to keep her stimulated. And of course, a boy-bun friend to share all the excitement of life with. We can’t work out whether she needs a calming influence or a similarly crazy bunny to keep up with her!

If you think you can keep up with this little cutie, we’ll guarantee that she will be the perfect bundle of fun for you and your boy-bun. She has been spayed and vaccinated so is all set to find her forever home. Just follow this link to start the process of giving this little one the fabulous life she deserves: Adoption Form