15 September 2020

Gracie Fields **ADOPTED***

By FOAW staff
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Gracie Fields


Gracie is a lovely 3 year old westie girl who’s beginning to show a great deal of character. She can be boisterous but not aggressive and is beginning to explore and play with other dogs and toys. She eats and sleeps well and is learning to take her turn with the others in the queue for treats. She’s finding her bark and told another dog off for coming into her house the other day but soon accepted them.

Gracie has a skin condition and a slight heart condition but no treatment is required. She gets on very well with all humans after gentle introductions and will roll on her back to have her tummy tickled. She has been bathed and groomed in her foster home and was a good girl. She’s started to follow her foster mum into the kitchen and has licked the back of her legs but will cower if approach going flat to the ground. Once she knows you, she will allow you to pick her up and place her on the sofa for cuddles with foster mum and the other dogs where she will settle.

Gracie has mainly met older children and seems fine with them after introductions. She is not keen on noisy boisterous humans of any age.

Gracie has a foster brother and sister and gets on well with both. Outside the home she is wary of dogs coming towards her but is fine if they are calm. She is not too keen on larger and/or boisterous dogs and will try to run away from them but reassurance and allowing her to sit while they go past has helped her with this. She met an older male Westie the other day who she was happy to play with and she wore him out! I think she would prefer a companion dog as she loves to interact with dogs particularly of her own size.

The resident cat has given her the paws up as she did not react when he head bumped her so I would say she is fine with cats so long as niceties are observed. She has not been tested with any other small furries.

She sleeps downstairs in her bed un-crated and as yet hasn’t shown an interest in sleeping with her humans upstairs but this may change as she really does like to be with the other dogs. She has one wee on a puppy pad during the night and is clean during the day. Being a terrier she has started to play quite boisterously with soft toys killing and destuffing them. She likes to run after her foster brother when he chases a ball or hoops but doesn’t know what to do with them if she gets there first. She’s not destructive in any other way. She eats well and comes when called for her food almost from day one but is not food or toy aggressive. She has been left alone with the other dogs for a few hours and has been fine.

She walks well on her lead and is now on a dropped training lead in a free run areas so she can chase and roll on grass which she loves to do. It might be accidental that she often rolls quite near to fox poo but she does have nawty foster siblings as a ‘roll model’! She travels in the boot of the car restrained with her foster family and has been fine. She was spayed on the 7th of September and has recovered well. The vet said she was very stoical.

Gracie would love to live with a family with responsible children over 5 and preferably another playful dog so she can carry on learning how to play. She’s very much a puppy still and has a lot of learning to do but whoever has her will enjoy taking her on the journey as she’s such a sweetheart.

Neutered 3 year old westie

Active home with a RESIDENT dog and responsible children over 5

Can be left for short periods

Has had first vaccination, is microchipped and up to date flea and wormer.

Gracie comes with free 5 week Agria insurance