9 July 2023

Violet *****ADOPTEED*****

By Emma
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Violet D2023-98

  • Only dog If owners home most of the time
  • Can also live with other dogs
  • Children 7 and over

Violet is a 2 year old Yorkie who has come into rescue through no fault of her own having recently lost her loving mum. She has clearly been adored but as her previous mum was poorly for quite a while, she has led a quiet, sheltered life with no rules. She has been living with other dogs but craves human attention. Her favourite spot is on your lap or around your neck licking you. When settled she also loves cuddling by your side on the sofa.

Due to Violet being treated as a princess she is a very young 2 year old who doesn’t play with toys or other dogs. Preferring to be as close to her human as possible which is lovely but she has missed out on all the good things that being a dog brings like adventures, barking at squirrels and doggy ice cream.

She is really starting to come out of her shell now in her foster home and has decided that she needs constant attention and can be quite pushy when the other dogs also want to settle down with foster mum to watch TV. This is being worked on as she has clearly had no ground rules before and she is responding well.

Despite being tiny she can jump on the sofa and climb the stairs. Although she lived with other dogs she doesn’t cuddle up to them and prefers to sleep in her own bed. She doesn’t currently play with toys but this may change in the future as her confidence grows and she realises she’s a dog and not a princess.

She gets a little upset being left alone and will scratch the door and whine till foster mum is back.

Violet walks beautifully on a lead and has no problem with the few people she has met. She can get a little nervous of noises but this is improving the more, she is out and about. She can be a bit barky when she first sees another dog when out but again, this is down to her leading a sheltered life. Once foster mum has decided she can speak to the dog she is calmer and will sniff. Her new pawrents are going to have to advocate for her and make sure she is kept safe and has positive interactions with people and dogs when out.

Violet is not cat or small furry tested but has such a lovely nature that with  sensible gentle introductions we think she will be fine.

Violet could be homed with older dog savvy children who won’t treat her as a toy and will help with setting some boundaries. We recommend children 7 and up.

She currently sleeps with the other dogs in the kitchen and sleeps all night in her own bed. She doesn’t bark. Toilet training is a work in progress and getting her into a routine has been key to helping her understand the rules of the home. This will need to continue in her forever home.

Violet is not a good eater and appears to have been given lots of human food in the past and not used up any energy to be hungry. Foster mum is still working on this but it is improving.

Violet is very young and  has missed out on so many adventures. She is going to need time to build her confidence and learn to dog, getting her out of her princess mindset. Don’t get us wrong we all love a princess but there has to be a good mix of dog in there as well. She would like a home where she can catch up on all that she has missed going to bed at night tired and excited for the next day. She can be homed with other dogs or can be an only dog if owner home most of the time.


Vaccinated, microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet Insurance

Fostered in Newport