13 July 2023

Beckett *****ADOPTED

By Emma
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Beckett D2023-100

  • Needs another dog
  • No cats
  • Great with everyone

Beckett is a 7 Month old Lurcher cross Saluki who hasn’t had a great start in life with some nasty people being not very nice to him, despite this he is the friendliest little boy you could wish for, he loves everyone and is so gentle. He has met people from babies to grandma’s and they all just fell in love with him. His foster mum says he is the most portable dog she’s ever met, you can take him anywhere and as long as you take a blanket he will lie by your side and watch the world go by.

He will steal your heart and he will steal your socks! As he has settled and gained weight a cheeky little side has come out. From the moment he walked into his foster home he was gentle, polite, toilet trained and so chilled. He has little bursts of energy and zoomies and then all he wants is a head scratch and a big comfy bed and he is happy.

He is a typical pup and will steal the odd sock or shoe but he isn’t overly chewy, as long as he is provided with some items he can chew he will leave anything else alone.

He is not cat or small furry tested and due to his breed we would recommend.

He is great with children of all ages.

He enjoys toys and bones and can spend lots of time throwing his toy around the garden and catching them again.

Beckett walks beautifully with a normal lead and collar. He has been on plenty of walks and is beautifully behaved.

Due to his breed it is unlikely he will be a big off lead dog due to prey drive, and this is not something that ahs been tested in his foster home.

Walks beautifully with a normal lead and collar. Has been on plenty of walks and beautifully behaved.

Beckett sleeps downstairs uncrated with the other dogs in the home and foster family do not hear a peep from him all night. He has no issues around food and is happy to share. He sits beautifully whilst waiting for his food or a treat and is happy to be fed first or last and will take treats ever so gently.

Beckett would like a home with another dog to play with and owners who are around most of the time. He is okay to be left but he likes to know you won’t be too long. New dog sibling must enjoy a game of bitey-face and chasing around the garden. He is used to a busy household but equally he would be great in a quiet household. He is used to both canine and human visitors to the house and is happy to see everyone.

Whoever rehomes him is going to be incredibly lucky, for a dog his age and the background he came from he is really the most amazing boy.


Vaccinated, Microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance

Fostered in Warwickshire