20 June 2021

Vanilla *****ADOPTED****

By Emma
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Vanilla D2021-78





Nilly is a 5 year old Shih Tzu cross that has so much love to give. Her main desire is for you to be in the same room as her. She doesn’t need you to particularly look at or touch her, she just loves company. She will follow you around the house and if she catches your eye her tail will start wagging. She enjoys attention and loves to sit next to you on the couch and she’s definitely been caught watching TV a few times. She has a gentle nature and is a joy to have around.

Nilly appears to be suffering from hay fever/allergies and is currently taking half a Piriton tablet a day which seems to provide her with some relief. In the summer months going forward, it might not be ideal for her to take long walks through fields and be out and about too much etc. Although this condition may settle as she gets older, it’s likely that she had little, if any, exposure to pollen in her previous situation so it could reoccur each summer.

Nilly will need regular grooming as she has thick fur on her paws and dirt can get matted between the pads so this will need to be kept an eye on and cleaned and trimmed regularly.

Nilly loves people but can be timid at first. She will slowly approach you with a full on tail/bum wag and accept all the attention you want to give. When she’s had enough, she’ll take herself off to her bed.

Nilly hasn’t interacted with children but from her character, I believe she would be suitable to live with children 10 years or above. She likes to have people around and a full household would give her lots of company and provide for her inquisitive nature. Nilly could equally suit an adult only household who give her lots of attention.

Nilly hasn’t had much interaction with other dogs outside of the home yet and it would be a good idea to introduce her to dogs you know first, to help ensure her first experiences are positive, before progressing to parks etc. She loves her reflection and was very confused by mirrors at first. She tried very hard to play with her own reflection, so I think she’s going to be a very sociable girl.

Nilly isn’t in foster with a cat but has reacted to them on the garden wall. She will bark but doesn’t become aggressive. If the resident cat is used to dogs and will stand up to her and they are introduced well, I don’t see her being aggressive towards a cat inside the home. However, this is not tested.

Nilly has mastered the art of the little spoon position and after a cuddle will enjoy sleeping on the end of the bed. At this point, sleeping in the bedroom helps her to feel secure and included. But in her forever home she could easily transition into sleeping elsewhere with other dogs. She finds security in having a crate and will voluntarily sit in it for a nap. At first she preferred to be secured in her crateif left and has been left for a few hours. She has now progressed to feeling secure enough to stay in the lounge and be left for short periods with other dogs. I come home to find her stretching awake on the couch.

If you are in the house, Nilly likes to be in the same room as you. In foster, she has calmly slept in her crate while the hoover and a very loud carpet cleaner have been used but will jump at unexpected noises but on the whole she is a very trusting, affectionate and inquisitive girl.

Nilly has been a toilet training dream. She makes clear circling motions and looks uncomfortable about trying to find somewhere inside to go to the toilet so I think in her case, she prefers going outside, which makes things easier.

Nilly likes to play with soft toys and balls which is a new discovery for her as she is still coming out of her shell where play is concerned. She makes the funniest little snorting sounds when she gets excited.

Nilly is very gentle with food and treats. She is quite food oriented so treats have helped to encourage her to learn new things, like going downstairs. She is so gentle that she might happily allow another dog to eat her dinner! After eating she enjoys walking around the room rubbing her beard on everything to clean her little face.

Nilly is still learning things like polite manners while people are eating but she is learning quickly. She will try to get close to your plate if she can and if you look away, I’d imagine she’d take the opportunity! but she doesn’t jump or continue after being told a few times and will settle down to keep her eyes on you as you eat.

Nilly will need your patience as she is new to walking on a lead and to all the sights and sounds of the world. She is very inquisitive but takes time to study things before feeling comfortable moving on. I believe her confidence will grow with more and more positive outside experiences under her belt. Nilly was absolutely no trouble at the vets and was an absolute star. She needs to be secured in the car as she likes to sit and enjoy watching out of the window.

Nilly is so interested in other dogs that she gets excited at her own reflection. It would be great for Nilly to have a resident dog to show her the way, encourage play and give her confidence. But I don’t think this is essential for her, if her new owner is willing to spend the time to socialise her and there is someone home for the majority of the day, she would be happy.

Neutered and 1st vaccination

Microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Fostered in the Cardiff area of South Wales

Nilly comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance.