20 June 2021

Basil *****ADOPTED****

By Emma
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Basil D2021-82


Resident dog a must

Sensible dog savvy children

Basil is a 4 year old Cocker Spaniel that his foster mums describes as being a big boned daft lad. Although very shy and frightened when he first came into foster, he has now really come out of his shell. He will now take treats from a hand without retreating with fear and greets his foster mum in the mornings with a wagging tail and a cuddle. He loves a good bumble about in the garden and from time to time the odd gallop which always makes foster mum smile as he looks like he is in slow motion with his big ears flapping about. He also likes quiet time and will flop down on a rug or his bed which he prefers to the sofa and have a good snooze (he does snore quite loud!)

He is starting to play both with his foster mum and the other dogs in his foster home. He eats very well and shows no signs of food aggression or any other aggression for that matter.

Basil mixes with all types of dogs big and small in foster mums grooming salon and welcomes each and everyone with a waggy tail.

Although very shy and timid when he meets new people for the first time Basil soon builds trust when shown kindness and treats and will happily come to you when called for a biscuit.

He is happy to be bathed, dried, brushed and trimmed and laps up all the attention.

Basil hasn’t met a lot of children other than when they come into the grooming salon but he doesn’t react any differently to adults.

Basil takes confidence from the other dogs and prefers to be lead rather than be a leader. Big or small he doesn’t care as long as he has company.

Basil doesn’t seem bothered with small animals and chickens but hasn’t been cat tested.

From the first night in his foster home Basil settled very contentedly in his soft bed in the kitchen with another spaniel for company. He doesn’t cry as long as he has a pal with him. He is housetrained and very clean in the house, very unusual for foster dogs not to have an accident in the house but Basil has achieved this goal.

He eats very well and could ideally do with losing a kilo or two but his exercise is now helping him to get fitter and shed that bit of weight. Basil isn’t food or toy aggressive and has not shown any aggressive behaviour in any situation that he has been in.

Although Basil can be left for a few hours with another dog he does suffer with separation anxiety and will therefore need someone at home most of the day for him.

Basil hasn’t been destructive in any way in the house but he has started to chew toys when he is bored.

Basil is a typical spaniel and loves to do a lot of sniffing on walks. He doesn’t mind the lead attached to his harness but doesn’t walk in a straight line yet!

He travels extremely well and just settles down for a snooze, he isn’t travel sick at all.

Although only having one visit to the vets he trotted in quite happily with his friend.

I feel that Basil would settle in a home where there was at least one other resident dog where people were around most of the day. I feel he would tolerate older sensible children and would enjoy them playing with him.

A good sized garden is a must to have a good gallop around and preferably a rural location where there are lots of good smells and walks to explore. Basil isn’t too comfortable around busy traffic or main roads.

Neutered and had first vaccination

Basil is fostered in the Uttoxeter area

Basil comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance.