17 June 2021

Tiger Lilly ****ADOPTED****

By FOAW staff
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Tiger Lilly D2021-87





Tiger Lily is a 3 year old Poodle X Bichon who adores people and is very loving. She loves cuddles and giving kisses. She is lively and likes to explore running around and having fun. She acts like the bravest little dog in the world and would snap at any dog that gets too close but this is all a big act. She is nervous of dogs getting too close and needs careful introductions. Since being in her foster home, she now feels safe and knows the other dogs will give her space and not bother her and has become friendly with them all. Tiger Lily would be happy in a home where she is the only dog or with another small female dog. They would have to be a confident but friendly dog that will not be offended and retaliate if told to go away. Tiger Lily needs reassurance that she is loved and safe and would prefer a human home most of the day. Tiger Lily is the most loving, friendly girl ever, so cuddly and quick to learn and it doesn’t help that she is also very pretty and cute.

Tiger Lily has a lump on her right shoulder that has been checked by the vet who are confident it is old scar tissue and did not need surgery or treatment but will need monitoring. It causes her no issues.

Tiger Lily adores people, she relishes being in the company of humans and loves cuddles and kisses, being stroked and brushed. She has not been to the groomers since in foster but has been clipped recently.

She should be fine with dog savvy children over 10 who give her space to be herself and be there for cuddles when she wants them.

Tiger Lily did have separation anxiety when she first came to foster but learning a routine and being around other dogs she is now quiet at night and can be left for short periods, with other dogs around. If someone is home all the time for reassurance, she could possibly be an only dog. It would be good for her to meet other dogs socially if possible, to help her learn to trust. She has already learnt this in her foster home but it may take some patience to reassure her in her forever home.

She has not been small furry or cat tested

Tiger Lily is housetrained and always goes to the garden to toilet. She will use an open crate and seems to use this as her quiet place. Tiger Lily has shown no destructive behaviour at all, she is not interested in toys, she just likes humans. She prefers to eat away from the other dogs and needs encouragement to feel safe and eat all her food. She is not bothered if the other dogs lick her food bowl once she has had enough and walked away.

Tiger Lily did yap constantly when left when she first came into foster and may do so again in a new environment, but this can easily be fixed with some training. She acts brave but is really a scared little girl but reassurance and routine works really well for this wonderful girl.

Tiger Lily loves going for a walk on a lead. She will need to wear a collar and harness and have two leads until she settles. She has not been far as not had both vaccinations yet, but has been walked a little with one of her foster brothers and is good as gold. She walks straight and proud and is an absolute delight. She has not been walked her on her own but she has no fear of harnesses or leads and gets really excited.

Only travel in the car has been to the vets and she has been in a cage for that and was quite happy. She will yap if you leave her on her own though, she likes to have someone with her. She has been great at the vets with no fear or worries.

Tiger Lily would love a home where she is the one and only top dog and has a human around all the time to give her cuddles and be the centre of attention. However, she has shown that her snapping at other dogs is just from fear and once she gets to know them she can be quite sociable, friendly and fun. Speaking for Tiger Lily she wouldn’t fit into a busy multi dog household she would like another quiet little one or to be just her and the hoomans. Tiger Lily is a fun loving lively dog, who needs a secure garden to tear around in and go on lots of walks but she would also love lots of cuddles, tummy tickles and forever home stuff. If I sit in the garden, she is under my chair, if I try to walk around the house, she is like a slipper, attached to my foot! She is adorable and needs the best forever home ever.


1st vaccs

Microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Fostered in the Pontypridd area of South Wales

Tiger Lilly will come with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance