27 November 2020

Tilley -Reserved

By FOAW staff
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Resident dog of a similar size

Sensible children over 7

Calm home with owner home most of the time

Fostered in South Wales

Tilley is a well balanced little westie girl that now has so much love for life that you can see it in her little face. She loves other dogs and has learned to play with the help of the resident dogs and is now comfortable in the home environment. This sweet girl has so much to give she enjoys contact and cuddles and is very well behaved when being groomed. Tilley has a gentle nature and enjoys walks, even though they are short at the present time, due to a cruciate repair, which she is recovering from with leaps and bounds. Tilley will let you know when she wants to get up on the sofa by coming to you and giving her paw. She enjoys a belly rub but her favourite thing is to place her head in your hand and press into you. Tilley will also do a little dance when you gently rub her back which is very cute.

Tilley has had 9 back teeth removed and needs to eat a mix of soft and hard food. Her ears need to be regularly cleaned due to a previous infection. This young lady has also had 2 back leg ligaments corrected which has made a massive difference to her in all ways. I am hoping when the second leg has fully recovered, she will be able to get up and down of the sofa on her own. She has no problem with stairs or steps.

Tilley now loves attention from people and enjoys the interaction. She has been in her foster home for quite a while due to the surgeries and recovery and has developed an amazing little personality.

Tilley has been around children with the youngest being 7 and was happy and comfortable.

Tilley will greet other dogs when out walking and interacts nicely. She is very social with all new dogs in new places but needs another dog for company and reassurance. Tilley hasn’t been tested with cats or smaller animals

Tilley has learned to like the comforts of home and now enjoys nothing more than to be cuddled up on a soft bed during the day or even better cuddled up on the sofa. During the night Tilley has slept in her foster mums’ bedroom where she likes to start off on the bed but when she gets too warm, she will get off and sleeps in a dog bed. Tilley isn’t crate trained due to not needing it and she can be left for short periods of time, no more than 3 hours. Tilley will bark for a minute or 2 when left but then settles down. Tilley now likes to play with toys and the other dogs and needs a resident dog to continue to show her the ropes. Due to being an ex-breeding girl she enjoys to eat her soft food in peace but is happy to share her dry food.

Tilley travels in a soft crate in the car and settles with no problems. Tilley is now 95% house trained with the odd accident.

Tilley would like a home with older children or someone that has lots of time to give and is around most of the day. She is a very social girl with so much love to give. She is very gentle and now very much enjoys life. If you are looking for a friend that keeps giving Tilley is the dog for you. Once settled her fun side is so cute to see her play is such a pleasure and when she makes eye contacts you and gives little butterfly kisses, she will melt your heart. She is unrecognisable from the scared little girl who arrived on foster a while ago now.

Neutered Female

Microchipped, Vaccinated and up to date flea and wormer

Tilley is fostered in South Wales

Tilley will come with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance.