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Oh boy, have we got a special one here!

Tegan was being given away free on Facebook as “the cat was attacking him and the dog kept throwing him up in the air”! He was 6 months old…. can you even imagine just how scared he’d must have been, all the time?

When he first came into us in August, he was so timid, scared of the world. However, just over three months later, surrounded by love and his fabulous foster family taking the tiniest of steps with him, he has blossomed into one of the cheekiest little bunnies we know and is ready to find his forever home.

Tegan is getting more confident by the day. He loves head strokes and will come over to demand them as and when he feels the need. He is always on the go and loves to run and binky. Now his character is really shining through we need to warn you that he loves digging and is very agile…. so is turning into a proper little escape artist! He is very busy and will need a lot of space – he’s happiest outside which is lucky as he can be rather destructive and a chewer if he hasn’t got enough to keep him amused and occupied. We’re not sure Tegan and indoor skirting boards are a match made in heaven!

He is more than happy to settle down near you, especially if there are treats on offer – he’s a big fan of treats and loves his treat ball and foraging in his hay. Tegan’s turning into an inquisitive young man, running over to you on the off chance of a treat and more than happy to wander into the kitchen to see what’s happening and if there’s some mischief he can get himself into.

What he needs now is a bunny friend – he is desperate for rabbit company and a BBF to snuggle up to and for mutual grooming – Foster Mum’s strokes just don’t cut it!

Tegan is neutered and up to date with his vaccinations – all this cheeky bundle of cuteness needs now is a wife bun and perfect forever home to put his horrible start in life firmly behind him. If you think you and your girl bunny might be able to keep up with him, then just click here: