5 December 2020

Squeak ****ADOPTED***

By FOAW staff
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Very affectionate

Only Cat

2-4 years old

Hello, my name is Squeak. I was a stray, for a number of months, but was very lucky to find a couple that fed me, and gave me shelter in their garage. I had nice food, a litter tray, and a lovely warm bed with a heated pad. One day they took me to the vet, for a check up and neutering. They discovered that I was not microchipped, so went ahead with the neutering. This is the part of my story where you read just how unique I am. They thought I was a girl – boy, were they wrong! I had no ‘lady bits’ at all!. The vet scanned me and found two rather shrivelled testicle, which were removed. The vet also discovered that I have no penis! See, told you I was unique. Despite this, I am very clean when using my litter tray. I can urinate very well thank you. The only problem I have is that I can’t quite manage a proper ‘meow’. I sort of squeak and ‘eck, hence my name. My Foster mum tells me that I am handsome, loving, very special, and a delight to take care of. I would need to be an only cat as I don’t get on with my step brother and sisters. I have not been tested with children, or dogs. I love nothing more than to curl up on a nice warm lap. I enjoy my food (particularly chicken). I adore being fussed on my head– it makes me purr like a tractor, and I willingly accept kisses and cuddles. My Foster mum says that I deserve a special home, where I get all the attention, because I’m such a good boy, and I have oodles of love to give. Lots of purrs from Squeak.


2-4 years old

Only cat

Not dog or small people tested

Squeak is fostered in South Wales

Squeak will come with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance

If you live in rented accommodation we will need to speak to the landlord.