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No Children

Quiet Home

Resident dog of large breed

Partially sighted as a result of being run over as a pup

Diaz is a lovely friendly 3 year old mixed breed dog who loves a bit fuss but is also quite happy laid on a blanket in front of the fire and having a sleep. He is placid and relaxed and really enjoys going out on walks. He can be a little nervous when walking on main roads so would prefer somewhere quieter when going out. He is good with other dogs and is no problem walking on the lead.

Diaz does have eyesight problems and would suit a house with open space so he wouldn’t bump into anything, although this could be a problem this doesn’t stop him from exploring and having a good sniff.

He loves a good fuss and will bring his head to you for attention. He enjoys a good brush which is lucky as he does shed so he needs to be brushed often to get rid of the fur.

As Diaz has eyesight problems he would be best suited to a household with no children. He needs someone who can give him the attention he needs but also be patient to give him the time he deserves. Sudden movements or loud noises can startle him so a quieter household would be ideal.

Diaz is great with other dogs both in the house and out on walks, his interactions have shown he doesn’t mind meeting new friends and gets quite excited when bumping into another dog on a walk.

Diaz would be better suited in a house with only dogs, no cats or other small animals. He doesn’t enjoy travelling in a car however he is really good when in the vets and doesn’t hesitate or pull away when he goes there.

Diaz is a great dog in and outside of the house, he enjoys a good run around the garden but loves nothing more than having a lie down in the living room. He is housetrained but there can be the odd accident. He isn’t too fussed on toys but does enjoy a good chew or a nice bone to get stuck into. Considering the size of this boy he doesn’t eat too much food however he can be cheeky and does like to have a few scraps or whatever you may be cooking for yourself too! Diaz can be left for a couple of hours at a time but does enjoy having company so leaving him for long periods of time wouldn’t be ideal. Diaz would like his humans to be home most of the time for head scratches and attention.

Diaz is very loving and a great boy who would like a home where he can have lots of attention with his humans around for most of the day. He needs a house that is quite open as due to his eyesight he can bump into things. Despite this it doesn’t stop his zest for life and his love of walks and adventure. Diaz can be homed with a resident large breed dog.

Neutered Male

Microchipped, vaccinated and up to date flea and wormer

Fostered in South Wales

Diaz comes with 5 weeks free Agria Pet insurance.