26 November 2020

Meri & Beryl -Adopted

By FOAW staff
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3 & 5 years old

Bonded pair must be homed together

No children

Quiet home with owners around most of the day

Can live with a resident dog or on their own

Meri and Beryl are a delightful bonded pair of ex breeding Cavalier girls who are very affectionate and loving, once they get to know you. They are not related and have different personalities but they like to be together cuddling on the sofa or outside in the garden. Meri is 5 years old and the quieter of the two. She prefers to snuggle up on the sofa next to her human and although she will walk on a lead is sometimes reluctant and will sit down if you stop for even a few seconds. Beryl is 3 years old and more outgoing and active. She loves to run around the garden trotting like a one trap pony, barking and chasing the squirrels away. She is however very affectionate and will put her paws on your shoulders when you’re sitting on the sofa and loves to be next to you. She will walk on a lead but will pull and try to chase if she sees anything moving in the woods. It is early days for both of them as until a month ago they had never been on a lead so they will need time and further training. At the moment two people are needed to walk them.

House training is going well but they do still have the odd accident in the house. They are being fostered with two smaller dogs and they get on fine but they do tend to gravitate to each other for comfort. They have met other dogs on walks and both are a little scared initially but will say hello to the smaller dogs.

They have not been cat tested. They have met their fosterers grandchildren on several occasions. Both are nervous of small children but Meri particular gets agitated by their sharp movements and still barks at them in fear when they move or play.

Both girls have bonded well with their foster parents. They adore their foster mum and suffer from separation anxiety if she leaves them. She has been working on this and they can now be left for short periods but it is still apparent from watching them on the house camera that they don’t settle completely until she returns. Because of the current restrictions they have not had the opportunity to meet many people but they have accepted the fosterers adult son when he has visited and even cuddled up on the chair with him.

They show no interest in playing however Beryl will pick up a toy every now and again and likes to chew. They both sleep well, Meri sleeps on the fosterers bed and Beryl sleeps in a crate beside the bed so she can see foster mum. Beryl will sleep on the bed too but she is more settled in the crate.

 They are the most sweet and adorable little girls who are just getting used to the luxuries of living in a home and getting lots of love and attention and boy are they lapping it up! They are looking for a home with someone who has enough time on their hands to dedicate to them, so would need to be home most of the day. Cavalier experience especially with ex breeders would be an advantage. They could be rehomed as only dogs although they are fine with other dogs.

No children I’m afraid and if there are visiting grandchildren you would need to be aware of how anxious Meri in particular can be and not overwhelm her. They really are lovely little girls and the most amazing snuggle bunnies who just need someone to share their time, their sofa and most importantly their hearts with them.

Spayed Females

3 and 5 years old

Quiet home with owners home most of the day

No children

They are both microchipped, vaccinated and up to date flea and wormer

Fostered in South Wales

The girls come with 5 weeks free Agria Pet insurance.