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Border Terrier 5-7 yrs old

Only Dog

No small furries

Older children

Quiet home

River is a very active 5-7 year old border terrier who loves to go walkies and hoooon around the garden. When she’s exhausted her energy she loves nothing more than to cuddle in front of a fire or on a nice warm lap. River once she bonds with you adores her human and likes to be close. She is not keen on sharing her human and would like to be the only pet in the household for this she will give you all her love and attention.

River loves to be out walking, exploring and sniffing but isn’t keen on overly friendly dogs who invade her sniffing space. She has met children but isn’t keen on noisy overly excited little people. She likes little humans who will read her a story, tell her about their day and then go for a nice walk before cuddling up and possibly sharing a chicken nugget or sausage for tea if that’s what the big humans are cooking.

As a typical hunter, even one of maturing age River is not good with small furries and cats.

In the house River loves nothing more than cuddling on the sofa and generally being close to her human. Her toilet training is ongoing and she is much better with those who can regularly put her out to toilet and give her lots of praise and a reward when she has done good. She finds ham or little sausages acceptable as a good effort reward. She can be a little stubborn like all dogs of her breed but being persistent and constant is the key with this little lady.

Neutered female

Only Dog

No small furries

Older children

Quieter home

Fostered in South Wales

River comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance.


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