25 November 2020

Cassie ******RESERVED****

By FOAW staff
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Jack Russell

11 years old

Assisted Adoption

Children 10 and over

Only Dog

Cassie is a truly sweet little dog who is exceptionally easy to look after. She loves snuggling on the sofa with you and will quietly follow you around the house. She’s wonderful with children and loves a fuss. She looks forward to her walks and loves to go adventuring through the bushes. She is such a good girl to take to coffee shops as she sits quietly whilst you eat. She has a quiet nature but comes to her owner once she’s got to know you. She is fine to leave at home alone and has not chewed or made a mess and she always welcomes you home with her wagging tail. She is great with other dogs when she is off the lead but can become worried if dogs approach her when she’s on the lead.

Cassie has cushings and will need daily medication in tablet form. She takes her tablets well.

Cassie can be wary of new people preferring to be cuddled by her family but does warms up to new people quickly. She is very friendly and prefers human contact to being on her own.

Cassie is great with children and very gentle towards small children.

Cassie is happy meeting new dogs when she is off the lead however if a group of large dogs surround her she will understandably become worried. She can be worried if a loose dog approaches her when she is on the lead. However she is social and friendly towards other dogs.

At night Cassie sleeps alone downstairs in her basket in the kitchen. She is very good at understanding her bedtime routine. She will stay in the kitchen during the day if she is left alone and has not made a mess. Cassie is housetrained and will do her best not to mess in the house however because of her cushings she needs access to water as she drinks a lot and what goes in must come out so regular trips to the garden are needed. Cassie can be left for the majority of the day alone and will not cause any mess however, if she is left alone in the car she will bark. Cassie can be picky about eating her prescription food but will gradually eat it throughout the day. Cassie can be quick to steal human food if she can reach it.

Cassie is great to walk off the lead but isn’t aware of the dangers of the road and cars so must always be on the lead by roads. She enjoys exploring inside bushes and can get carried away with all the nice smells taking her time to come out which can sometimes be up to 20 minutes. (well no one likes to miss a good smell right). Cassie travels well but needs to be secured safely in the car as she gets excited and wants to sit on your lap. Cassie is great for the vet.

Cassie needs an active home who will take her for lots of walks or to the local coffee shop. She likes to be near the main carer in the home. Cassie needs someone who will give her a lot of fuss but also someone who will be sympathetic and understanding of her condition and the likelihood that she will have accidents occasionally.

Neutered Female on assisted adoption

Active home

Microchipped, Vaccinated and up to date flea and wormer

Cassie comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance