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Neutered Female

No children

Quiet home

Resident castrated male dog of a similar size

Phyllis is a cute and sweet natured 3-5 year old little Yorkshire Terrier that will remind you of a little teddy bear especially when she’s curled up in her bed. She’s very gentle and loves her food and treats. She quickly learns where her treats are kept and tries to will you with her eyes for another one. She loves nothing more than to relax in a comfy bed or on a blanket. Although she will stay in a room on her own, she very often likes to lie down near you. She likes to follow you around and sometimes struts around in a playful manner. She enjoys being fussed and stroked, although nervous at first, she soon learns to trust quickly and will slowly build a bond with her owner on her terms. Once settled she’ll make a very loving little dog who has a gentle nature

Phyllis is slowly becoming more confident and will come to her foster mum on her own terms. She’s happy being smoothed and is able to be picked up once she trusts you. Until she gets used to you its best to not make sudden movements and let her come to you. She responds when you call her name and speak to her. Due to lockdown only one person has visited and she was very shy and hid but were confident she’ll get better once it’s possible to see more people and with the guidance of a calm resident dog. She’s not keen on being brushed and will run away when she sees it. However, she will let you groom her and clean her eyes if she is in her bed. As yet she won’t take a treat from your hand but she will take it off the floor by the side of her

Phyllis would probably prefer a quiet home with no children and her humans around most of the time. She hasn’t been out with any dogs as yet as she’s only just had her first vaccination. She hasn’t been tested with cats.

Phyllis is very curious and likes to nose around, when she’s not snooping, she’s a bit of a couch potato and likes to laze around in her bed or on a blanket on the sofa. Even though she’s still nervous I think she likes to be close to the person who looks after her.

House-training is a work in progress and she is happy to use a puppy pad. She finds the garden a bit scary but she’s getting there slowly. She currently sleeps in the living room in her bed or on a blanket on the sofa with access to her puppy pad if needed in the night. She got very stressed when she was put in the kitchen as I believe she felt too enclosed. She is good in the night and doesn’t bark or cry. A crate wouldn’t be a good idea for Phyllis as she doesn’t like being shut in.

She is not destructive and is a very gentle little dog. She is not interested in toys but she probably doesn’t know what they are. She’s definitely got a playful streak in her and will tap her foster mum with her paw wagging her tail when she wants attention. She also runs in a playful way if her name is called in a cheerful voice. Phyllis enjoys her food and eats well.

Due to lockdown and the weather Phyllis has not been left for any length of time but was fine for a short while.

Phyllis travels well in the car but like all dogs she can be nervous at the vets so lots of reassurance and treats are needed

Phyllis would like a quiet home where she can chill quietly in her bed a lot. She would like the company of a handsome male furry friend of a similar size who can teach her how to be a dog and that not all humans are horrible.

Neutered female

No children

Quiet home

Resident castrated male dog of a similar size

Phyllis is microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

She has had her 1st vaccination

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance

Fostered in South Wales