14 November 2020


By FOAW staff
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6 year old

No children

Only dog or live with an older dog who respects his space

Patient owners who will work at his pace

Fostered in South Wales

Dave will need you to visit him before adoption to see if he likes you. He also says bring Ham it may win him over

Dave is 6 years old and came into rescue after having a horrific start to life. Initially he would growl at everything and not tolerate any touch from human or dog. As he’s started to settle this has got less but he’s still a scared little boy who doesn’t know who to trust. He will sit and shiver if he thinks you may hurt him even if it’s just brushing another dog. Once he trusts you, he will let you gently stroke his head and he’s happy to take ham off you.

Dave isn’t comfortable with touch. He is getting better and will let you stroke him briefly but it is on his terms. He needs an owner who will follow his cues and not rush him. He is much more comfortable with touch when he’s out walking on a lead. He will need a groomer who is experienced with very nervous dogs

Dave needs a home with no children and the ability to shut him in a separate room should any visit.

Dave would love to be an only dog in the home. He could live with an older dog who respects his space. He. is not comfortable with dogs sitting next to him or trying to cuddle him

Dave could live with small furries as long as they respect his space

Dave is fully toilet trained. He sleeps quietly in a crate overnight but would be equally happy in a dog bed. He mustn’t be allowed to sleep on human beds in his new home as he could react if you roll over and accidentally nudge him. He loves his wet food and is partial to a piece of ham or two. Dave is fine to be left for short periods throughout the day

Dave enjoys his walks and walks well on the lead. He uses a slip lead and is now happy to allow me to put it over his head to get on and off. A few short walks a day would be ideal for him He would like a quiet home with not to many visitors. He needs patient owners who will allow him time to settle and not rush him. He’s had a horrible start to life and needs time to learn not all humans are bad.

Neutered Male

No children

Only dog or an older resident dog who will respect his space

Patient and calm owners who will go at his pace

Microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Fostered in South Wales

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria Pet insurance