8 November 2020

Dennis *****RESERVED****

By FOAW staff
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Only dog

No Children

Family willing to work with his issues

Reactive and flat faced experience

Dennis is selective on who he likes and dislikes and any prospective owners will need to visit him a few times to see if you stand up to his high expectations in a forever human

Fostered in Crewe

Dennis is a 3 year old loveable French Bulldog who is menace by name and menace by nature! Dennis has a number of complex behaviour issues but had come on so much in his foster home. He loves treats and will do anything for a biscuit. He is a frenchie that underneath his tough guy image is a very misunderstood dog that has had a traumatic past. This has now led him to have stress coping strategies that need managing daily. Dennis can wave with his paw and loves nothing more than a nap on your lap

Dennis since coming into rescue has had BOAS surgery and both knees repaired so currently has no health issues. New owners should be flat faced experienced to accommodate for any future health issues that are common with his breed. Owners will need to research pet insurance quotes prior to application as typically flat faced breeds have higher premiums and any prospective owners need to be in a position to have pet insurance in place.

When Dennis knows you he is a very affectionate frenchie who can get stressed easily which presents itself as him being reactive to people. He is a very temperamental little man that has previously had it very difficult. New owners will need to give him time to settle and be prepared to distract him when he displays anxious behaviours and not encourage or ignore them. Dennis can be a very cuddly frenchie but also likes his own space and this should be respected as when he needs his own space he can react if he feels under pressure.

Due to his mischievous behaviours we would not home Dennis with any children.

Although Dennis lives with other dogs in his foster home he would prefer to be an only dog. He can be possessive over food and toys, and can easily get wound up when other dogs are playing so he would be best suited as an only dog but who socialises with dogs outside the home.

Dennis lives with a dog savvy cat with no issue currently

Dennis will go into a crate but is very anxious when the door is shut so we are currently working on desensitising him so he’s less reactive to the door. When anxious he will destuff dog beds so this will need managing in his new home. He loves toys and will play with them. He can be food and dog reactive so owners will need to be prepared to work with him on this and give him time to settle in. Dennis is fine being left

Dennis walks well on a harness and doesn’t pull. He can be a bit reactive to some dogs on leads, but this is currently managed and he is much improved compared to when he first came in. Dennis does not like travelling and can be very vocal when in the car. He also gets very anxious at the vets and should be handled carefully as he can be reactive.

Dennis is a loveable but temperamental little character, he deserves a home where people will work with him and give him time to settle in. He can be reactive so a family experienced in reactivity or flat faces is especially important. Dennis has obviously had a troubled past and is a dog so desperate to love, he just needs to learn he doesn’t have to react when he’s anxious or worried. Dennis would love a sofa to nap on, a human that will put in the work with him (and feed the occasional treat). Due to his knee surgery Dennis needs a home that will gradually build up his fitness levels and be aware of flat faced breathing problems.

Neutered male

Only dog but fine with dog savvy cats

No children

Family willing to work with his complex needs

Microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Fostered in Crew

Dennis comes with free 5 weeks Agria pet insurance