23 January 2021

Pixie *****RESERVED****

By FOAW staff
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Calm resident dog of similar size

No children or older dog savvy visiting children under supervision

Owners home most of the time

Not a lap dog. Cuddles on her terms

Pixie is a typical Yorkshire terrier who loves her human on her terms. She is 5 years old. She has a very happy face and always looks like she’s smiling when you look at her. She is quite a small little girl around 4kg but is still very lively and when she’s done she loves to cuddle up on the sofa on her own or next to her Foster mum.

Pixie loves her walks and gets very excited when she sees her harness and lead doing a little dance.  She will constantly bite her lead or that of any other dog walked with her but this is getting better with gentle encouragement not to do it and she’s easily distracted with treats. She does sometimes growl at dogs out on her walk as a warning for them to back off but when she’s had a sniff of them the other dogs size doesn’t faze her at all. Pixie loves her walks but does not like traffic so a built up area is not the best place for her as she hates loud and fast movements and shakes a lot and cowers down if large vehicles pass.

She loves trotting around the house head held high looking for her squeaky toys that she loves, but does try her best to kill the squeak. She likes to follow her human everywhere and is like a little shadow in and out of each room but will settle back on the sofa when you return to that room.

Pixie is on propalin as she does drip a little wee now and again. She has not been on it long so it is being monitored and as long as she is put out to do her toilet regular it seems to be working.

Pixie loves her human Foster parents and is a little unsure of new people at first and can bark but soon settles down. Pixie likes to be the one to initiate contact to be fussed and will sit next to her human and tap you with her paw to be stroked but is not keen on being picked up. Pixie will not be placed with young children but could tolerate visiting older children who are used to dogs and will not treat her as a toy due to her size would be ok with careful monitoring.

She is fine being washed and dried with a towel but is not very keen on being groomed and hates having her face touched, pulling away hence why she has a furry face in most photos.

Pixie is food mad if her human is eating she wants the food and will try all ways to get to it often being quite impolite, this will require continuous work in her new home.

As an ex breeder Pixie needs homing with another dog of a similar size. She’s very independent around the other dogs in her Foster home and never cuddles up to them, preferring to find a quiet place on the sofa to relax and always sleeps away from the others. She will tell the other dogs to give her space when she wants it.

She takes no notice of the cat in the Foster home but hasn’t met any other furries.

House training is still on going as pixie can be lazy and needs encouragement to go outside. Pixie sleeps in her foster mums bed snuggled up and sleeps soundly all night. Pixie has never used a crate and doesn’t use dog beds either.
She loves anything furry with a squeak in and tries her best to kill the squeak and can become quite obsessed with a particular toy and will search and search when she has left it out of sight. Not food or toy aggressive but snatches her toy if you try to touch it.

Pixie hasn’t been left alone for more than a few hours 2/3 and would prefer to have her human at home the majority of the time if not all. She will try her best to go with you if she thinks you are going out.

Pixie is very nervous in the car and will shake continuously whilst travelling. She behaves well at the vets but shakes with fear especially as she’s being picked up. She’s not aggressive or snappy though just frightened

Pixie needs a quiet home as she’s a sensitive little girl with people that are home most of the time if not all. If there are visiting children only teenage dog savvy children that are not too loud but it would be better. She needs another dog as she’s an ex breeding girl for when she’s left in the house for short periods of time. Pixie is not a lap dog and she will choose when she wants human contact and if the dog in the house needs a cuddle companion then pixie is not that dog.


Vaccinated, Microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Fostered in South Wales

Pixie will come with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance