21 January 2021

Charlie ****ADOPTED***

By FOAW staff
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Calm but confident resident dog

Owners home most of the time

Children 12 and over

Charlie is an 8 year old Bichon cross Chi with no known health issues. He is a little grumbly when unsure (who isn’t) but with gentle and consistent reassurance he soon realised he didn’t need to be so vocal and settles easily. He enjoys routine and this has helped him feel more secure and settled.

Charlie eats two small meals a day and really enjoys his food. He’s also a little partial to treats. He has not been cat or small furry tested. Charlie is great about the house and is mostly clean and only marks on an odd occasion. He knows to indicate when he needs to go outside.

Charlie can be protective of his humans and can be cautious when others humans enter the house, however after a period of adjustment he allows some to pet him easily. He is more comfortable with men but once trust is gained he’s fine with the ladies too!. His forever family need to be aware of this and continue to work on it in his forever home. He needs to be carefully introduced to children.

Charlie sleeps upstairs with his Foster humans and is quietly enjoying this!. Initially around the house Charlie was territorial and voiced his displeasure it is therefore important that he doesn’t get ‘stuck in a rut’ and his routine is altered slightly from time to time.

Charlie has been a little overwhelmed by his foster mums’ boisterous trio of terriers however he’s beginning to feel much more relaxed around them. He has taken a while to understand how being part of a pack works but is showing signs of relaxing taking his queues from the main dog in the home. Charlie is not destructive and so far, hasn’t shown inclination towards playing with toys. He is starting to play with his fellow pooches! Hand play is not recommended for Charlie as he confuses this for the need to protect his patch!

Charlie looks forward to his walks and is quite confident on the lead but needs further training to help him become the dog he was always meant to be. He can be quite erratic and needs to be walked on a harness as he pulls. He’s following the main dog in his foster home and learning to walk more steadily on the lead.

Charlie needs a calm home with experienced and firm humans who are at home most of the time. He would benefit from a confident but calm resident dog to help him learn the ropes. This will reassure Charlie that’s its OK to share his home and human. Although he is tiny, he loves to run on grass so a garden is essential. Around the house Charlie is fairly quiet although he does like to shout at the postie! Charlie also loves a lap to cuddle up on! Charlie has a look which will melt the heart of everyone he meets – and just the cutest sneeze ever!!!

Charlie is neutered and has had first vaccinations

Microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Charlie comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance.

Charlie is fostered in Cardiff South Wales