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Active home that can work on a non-existent recall

Can be an only dog or resident dog of a similar size

Children 8 and over

Molly is a 3 year old spaniel cross collie who is an absolute sweetheart of a dog. She loves to cuddle and is obedient. She is toilet trained and just craves attention from her human. She is great with the resident dogs and is good meeting other dogs in and out of the house. Molly sleeps in the kitchen on her own without a peep all night. Her foster mum says good night and she just settles down in her bed.

Molly loves to carry a soft toy, a sock, a slipper even a dry cloth that has fallen out of the washing basket. She is not destructive just enjoys carrying things around. She even takes these things outside for a wee with her and sometimes forgets to bring them back in. She will fetch anything she has dropped when asked.

Molly enjoys her food now that one has been found that suits her, she is eating sensitive grain free kibble and thriving. There is no food aggression with the other dogs.

Molly loves everyone and will let you touch her anywhere I’ve checked her ears and teeth successfully and she gives paw so you can check her feet.

Molly can be a little nervous when very small people are running around playing but has been fine with older dog savvy children so a home with children over 8 would suit our Molly as she learns to adjust in her new world.

Molly loves her walks but does not pull on a short lead. She loves all other dogs and gets a little excited meeting outside but is fine as long as they are on lead and supervised to ensure the other dog is OK with her. Molly has no recall so has not been off lead and we have been told that she will just run if she gets distracted or wants to investigate so recall training will have to be a priority.

Not tested with cats or small furries

Molly is the perfect house guest and takes her turn for treats and cuddles. She loves her toys and will play tug with the other foster dogs but won’t let them win. She is not crate trained and has been left for short periods with the other dogs and has been fine

Molly needs an active home with or without another dog. She was an only dog previously and was fine. She loves being out on her walks but once she comes home, she likes to get a soft toy and settles down contentedly She is a very easy going girl as long as she has cuddles, food, walks and a comfy bed she is happy.

Neutered female

Has had first vaccination

Microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Fostered in South Wales