5 February 2021

Mutley ***ADOPTED****

By FOAW staff
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Owners home for most of the time

Calm resident dog

Calm children 10 and over

Mutley is a very friendly 5½ year old Bichon boy who is great with both humans and the resident dogs. He is best described as a 5½ year old puppy, who needs a gentle but consistent hand in his teaching.

He loves his walks and is often first in the queue to be out the door. He walks well on the lead and needs at least 2 walks per day in order to use up his excess energy. Mutley has no recall and therefore needs to be attached to a lead/long line whenever he is out in an open space. This is something that will need to be worked. He will bark when seeing another dog and we have discovered that this is to say hello only – he is quiet upon meeting and no aggression shown.

His toileting and manners are a work in progress and he relies on a resident dog to show him the ropes. Toilet training is ongoing and he will need to be taken to the garden often and be given positive encouragement when he does good.

Mutley is an opportunist, so ensuing there is nothing he can harm himself with is a must. He will whenever able, help himself to anything from plates or bins. He will stop when told and will release without any confrontation. The crate is currently being used for eating meals/long lasting treats and for short resting periods but he is not happy to be left in there for extended periods and will bark/cry.

Mutley loves his fosterers and adores the closeness during awake and sleeping times. He will need a home prepared to continue this. Mutley sleeps all night once settled on the bed with foster dad. He has some issues with having paws and front legs touched but this is being worked on. He is happy to be gently brushed/combed, bathed and dried.

Mutley gets on well with the resident dogs and will lay, play and walk with them with no issues. He loves a goody zoomies around the house and likes to throw all the pillows off the sofa till he can find a comfy spot. We believe Mutley would be better homed with a calm resident dog, to continue his learning and for company as he does suffer from some separation anxiety. He is not destructive in the home and will gently chew toys, enjoys antlers & squeaky toys.

Mutley needs a home where residents will be home a lot and be able to spend quality time with him. Dog savvy children 10 and over would be okay but he can become scared by noisy children. He needs a calm resident dog of a similar size who can help him with the rules of the house and gain his confidence. He is adorable and will continue to flourish in the right environment.

Neutered and first vaccs

Not cat or small furry tested

Microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance.