15 February 2019


By Pauline
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Hi everyone Patsy here. As you can see by my photos I don’t really like to do anything that takes too much energy, chillin is what I like to do mostly.
I’m not able to be adopted as I have a few health issues so I live with my foster mum and dad, for humans they are not too bad except when they take me out for a walk and I just wants to chill me bones and laze about dreaming of what I’m going to have for breakfast, lunch or tea, as I love my food cos it’s not like that horrid stuff I used to have on the puppy farm. Here I have it in a dish and a clean one as well it’s delicious and my mum doesn’t shout when I get it all over my face cos I’ve only got 4 tiny teeth so my food gets everywhere. I had to have all the rest of my teeth out as they were rotten and my gums were full of pus, I was in pain but I never showed it cos no one used to care and wouldn’t have helped me so I pretended I was OK.
I also cough like a 60 a day smoker, I’ve never smoked those stinky things but because no one cared for me I got ill with growths on my lungs and my kidneys are fading to so I drink loads so I’m peeing every few minutes.
My mum says it’s like living with an elephant as I pee so much.
I do meet and greets so people can see what our rescue does and to raise funds to keep the other long term foster dogs alive and comfortable for as long as we have left and to help all the other animals that come into our rescue cos there’s loads of them all the time and it takes a lot of money to feed them and vets are brilliant at helping us, but yucky medicine costs lots of that funny money thing that mum says we need loads of.
I can’t hear much either and my eye sight is not the best so the dark scares me as I don’t know what the shadows are so mum cuddles me and tickles my fur to show me that there’s no monsters trying to eat me or anything.
Don’t feel sorry for me as even though I’ve had a terrible life and all my babies were taken away from me I’m happy now as the lovely people from friends of animals Wales are looking after me and I live in a lovely foster home with a brother and 2 sisters one which was puppy farm mum like me. That’s her I’m cuddled up to as she’s been through the same as me so we like to have a cwtch in the same bed.
I also have colitis and my poor mum and dad are not allowed to used those nice smelly things like candles or freshener as my lungs can’t cope, but they love me anyway.