14 February 2019


By Pauline

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Beattie came to us in 2015 on long term foster. At only 13 weeks old she was born on a puppy farm and although initially sold it soon became clear she had a medical problem as she was constantly wet and leaking urine. After coming into the care of Friends of Animals Wales our vet diagnosed her with an ectopic uterus and in September of 2015 she had surgery in Langfords vets in Bristol to try and correct the problem. The operation helped a lot but Beattie is still leaky and will be on medication for life all paid for by the rescue.
Just before Xmas this year Beattie developed a hematoma in her ear and what we initially thought was a minor ear infection. After having her ears flushed under anaesthetic it was discovered she has swelling in both her ears and her ear canals are very bumpy. Her treatment is on going and to date she has had 2 months of steroids, tablets for her stomach lining,4 courses of antibiotics, 4 bottles of ear drops and a bag of saline to flush her ears daily. This again is all paid for by Friends of Animals Wales and Beattie is very grateful to everyone who donates to this great rescue. She has never wanted for anything and is well loved in her long term foster home often helping new foster dogs settle in and find their forever home.