15 February 2019


By Pauline
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Hi Rupert here. I’m one of the Friends of Animals Wales Wonky dogs. I came from a puppy farm when I was 5 months old because I have wonky legs that can’t be fixed. I live with my foster mum and their dogs and we have lots of foster dogs that come to stay. I love helping to look after the foster dogs, teaching them how to play and be brave until they are ready to go to their forever homes. I love people and dogs and foster mum takes me out to Meet & Greets, where all my fans come along to say hello to me and make a fuss of me. I love going to these and doing cute things like lying down for tummy rubs and giving people my paw. I’m really gentle with little people and dogs. I’ve been to London on the train to support Lucy’s Law and met lots of celebrities. Even though my legs can’t be fixed, I have hydrotherapy and medication to keep me comfortable and I make sure that I am happy every day and bring happiness to others. The kind donations you give help this happen and give me a wonderful life that I would never have had without your kindness. Love from Rupert x