16 January 2021

Nirvana *****RESERVED****

By FOAW staff
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Staffy x American Bulldog

Active and experienced bull breed family

Someone at home all day

Children 10 and over

Nirvana is a 3 year old energetic athletic dog who would love to be someone’s adventure companion. She loves being out on walks exploring but also loves stretching out on the sofa and being with her humans. Nirvana was part hand-reared as a puppy so is very attached to people and underneath her muscley active exterior she is a sensitive sweet dog that just loves human company.

Nirvana can initially be wary of strangers, but once she knows you she is the most loyal friendly dog, who loves being with you and is very affectionate. She is a strong and powerful dog with high energy so although she would be friendly with children she would be too boisterous to live with young children. Older children with an awareness of the bull breeds clumsy nature would be best.

Nirvana lives with a mixture of breeds and sizes and is absolutely fine with them all in the house. In the home she would need an older calmer dog to encourage her not to get over excited. A young dog would just encourage over excitement. Nirvana could live as an only dog if there were humans around all the time, or she would live with another medium to large sized dog happily. Due to her size and boisterous play Nirvana would not suit living with a toy or delicate breed.

Nirvana lives with a cat and is absolutely fine but is very food orientated so will steal cat food if not kept separate.

Nirvana is housetrained and if her humans are around she is very quiet in the home, she will sleep happily on the sofa after a walk and is a very easy dog. She does not go in a crate and will get quite stressed if made to. She is very playful with toys and is happy to let people take them from her with no issue.

Nirvana is very food orientated which is great for training but owners will need to be aware that she will counter surf if food is left out. Nirvana does suffer from separation anxiety so needs humans that are around all day to reassure her and prevent her becoming destructive when left. Nirvana has been destructive previously but this has only been when she panics about being on her own so with a family around all day she will settle into a routine and once confident she can be left for 1-2hrs. Her current foster home has improved this a lot but it is still something that new owners will need to be aware of and be prepared to work with her as she settles into a new home.

Nirvana loves walks and adventuring outdoors. She is a very fit and active dog and can pull initially when excited to get out but will settle when walking. She is good off lead but can be over excited when running so needs an experienced bull breed home to manage this appropriately

Nirvana is an active dog who loves to be with people so would suit an active household that will include her in daily life. She can be wary initially so she needs a home willing to work with her on building her trust with them, and a home that will give her time to settle into a new routine. Nirvana is a powerful active dog with typical clumsy bull breeds tendencies so needs a forever family that have experience of having an energetic and playful dog in the home. Nirvana does suffer with separation issues so initially she will need a family willing to allow her to sleep upstairs and a family where someone is home the majority of the day. Nirvana is a dog who would walk miles in a day so needs a family who can keep up with her, but also manage her energy levels on walks so she doesn’t become over excited as due to her breed mix and being a young powerful dog she can be a handful if she is not managed appropriately. Nirvana is a loving, fun dog who will make the most amazing companion for someone and has a lovely mix of being an active adventure dog but also a big sofa snuggle monster too

Neutered Female

Children 10 and over who is aware of the clumsy breed

Good with Cats and other dogs

Active experienced bull breed family

Owner home most of time

Vaccinated, Microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Fostered in Crewe

Nirvana will come with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance