16 January 2021

Bluebelle ****ADOPTED****

By FOAW staff
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Needs a resident dog

Children 7 and over who will understand about a nervous dog

Owners home most of the time but also loves walks.

Bluebelle is only a baby at 20 months old but is such a character. She can be shy and scared initially but has settled into her foster home really well and is gaining in confidence every day. She does not like loud noises or sudden movements (do any of us?). She loves children and currently lives in a home with older dog savvy children who like to cuddle and play with her and she is fine with that. There have been no issues with the children – who are known to be enthusiastic – in fact she loves the attention!

Bluebelle can be a little territorial, if she is on the sofa first and her foster brother or sister try to jump up, she tries to tell them off. However, if she is placed down on the floor and told to wait until the dogs of the house have taken their spot, she is fine and settles quickly. She is getting to know her boundaries.

Bluebelle is very affectionate and attentive and will follow you around the house and snuggle up on the sofa with you.
She is amazing on walks and despite being little loves being out and about. She is currently walked with a harness and lead to keep her safe and there are no issues with this. She is nervous when passing other dogs she does not know on a walk and can have a little bark, but walks lovely with her foster brother and sister.

She is happy being touched, carried, cuddled, walked and groomed.

She has not been cat tested

Bluebelle could do with some work re housetraining, she has access to the garden at all times (open back door) but can have an accident in the evening. She was sick in the car when travelling for walks or the vet but was fine at the he vets and perfect on a walk.

Bluebelle would thrive in a home that has the time to work on her confidence and training. Ideally it would be with humans who are at home for most of the time and definitely ones who enjoy cuddles and attention. They must also like to spend time outside as she does love a walk and, maybe, as her confidence grows she could be convinced to run around and play She needs a canine companion in her home to help with her confidence. Bluebelle would not do well in a home where she is left alone.

Neutered Female

Needs a resident dog

Children 7 and over

Not cat tested

Microchipped, Vaccinated and up to date flea and wormer

Fostered in South Wales

Bluebelle comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance