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It’s all about the ears at the moment with the rabbits at FOAW.  Just take a look at this big girl…. not something you can usually get away with saying about the female of any species but she literally is a giant bunny with the ears to match!

BlueBelle is nearly 2 years old and weighs in at a whopping 4.5kg. She needs a huge amount of space with ideally a cozy shed or garage as her living area and free range access of a safe garden during the daylight hours – no staying in all day for this girl.

She came into us with a bad eye infection but, with the help of a specialist vet, it cleared up beautifully within a couple of months and she has had no issues at all since. She is neutered and all her vaccinations are up to date.

She is friendly and very happy to have some nice head rubs and a fuss from her humans. In fact, she likes the company of most two and four legged friends and is currently best buddies with her Foster Mum’s cat. Bluebelle came from a home with a male rabbit (who sadly wasn’t surrendered with her to us) and she is obviously missing the company of her own species to cuddle up to at night. She’s not too interested in toys (although that may all change if she has a friend to play with) but she does love a tunnel…. However any tunnel obviously needs to be pretty big so that Madam doesn’t get her ears or sizable bottom stuck. She’s got a good appetite on her and enjoys rose and nasturtium bushes which she demolishes with speed and enthusiasm (as poor Foster Mum’s garden can testify too)!

Can she live indoors? Well she often stays indoors with her foster family but she isn’t doing very well with litter training…. in fact she’s not getting it at all – she tends to wee anywhere and everywhere and, being a big girl, it stands to reason that she can certainly produce a sizable puddle! Foster Mum, who is usually a whizz at litter training rabbits, isn’t having her usual success with Bluebelle. So yes, Bluebelle herself is very happy to be inside, but be warned that there will be wet patches and things will get chewed!

If you have a neutered, fully vaccinated male rabbit who you think is a match for this large feisty female, and you understand the needs and demands of a giant bunny, please fill in the form below. At FOAW we always advise and assist with bonding, but we think it would help if you had some bonding experience when taking on such a large precious princess!

Application Form

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