13 January 2021

Tinsel. ***ADOPTED****

By FOAW staff
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Only dog in the home

Owner home most of the time

Children 10 years and older who understands nervous dogs

No Cats

Tinsel is a 9 year old typically nervous, skitty chihuahua who will snap (not bite) if she feels threatened. She needs to know that she’s safe and to get to know you before she relaxes. Once you have gained her trust she’s like a different dog and practically jumps into your arms for some loving! She likes nothing better than curling up on your lap like a cat where she will stay until you have to move her. If she’s not on your lap then she likes to be next to you, touching you or walking around in your arms! She does go into her bed independently at times but much prefers company.

She would happily stay on your lap all day but also loves her walks and is currently enjoying 2 short daily walks.
Now she’s comfortable in her foster home her little personality is starting to come out and she will have zoomies when excited which is so lovely to see. Tinsel has been a delight to foster and will make someone a lovely, low maintenance lap dog!

She’s had 12 teeth out but is eating well and there doesn’t seem to be any problems.

Now Tinsel has settled and feels safe, she has welcomed the few visitors to the house and encourages them to fuss her. She absolutely adores being petted and is a typical lapdog. She seems to feel threatened by males and has barked at them.

She hasn’t been around many children due to Covid but sensible older children 10+ she has loved. She’s got a lovely relationship with my daughter who is 12.

Tinsel needs to be an only dog. She is reactive towards other dogs on walks if they are in close contact and if we’ve had a visitor call to the door with a dog. However, she usually ignores dogs on the other side of the road or who are further away in the field.

She has reacted to next door’s cat when they have sat on the windowsill outside.

Tinsel is a dream at night. She sleeps on her own in the kitchen in her bed all night without any fuss and greets you excitedly in the mornings. She has been clean. Tinsel is toilet trained and will go outside to toilet and will ask by standing by the door if you are in the room. However there have been a couple of occasions when she’s had an accident when I’ve been out of the room.

She’s not destructive at all and shows little or no interest in toys apart from one little ducky that she rags if she gets excited!
It took a bit of trial and error to get her on the right food for her tummy but she enjoys her food and even when she had her teeth out she wolfed down her kibble that had been soaked. She has a penchant for chicken breast too! I can take her bowl from her and she doesn’t fuss.

Luckily for her due to Covid she hasn’t been left for more that 1-2 hours at a time and has been ok. She’s also fine if I left to go upstairs without her for a while. But she does love company and would be best suited to someone who was home a lot of the time.

Tinsel travels really well in the car and walks beautifully on the lead. As stated before she can be reactive to dogs who she thinks are too close. She’s been fine at the vets, behaving perfectly well for some but snapping at others!

I believe Tinsel would be better in a calm, quieter house as she’s noise reactive and jumps at the slightest noise. No children or an older child who has gained her trust by letting her come to them. She is really low maintenance but enjoys her walks so would suit someone who likes to be out and about but doesn’t need to go far. She is really good company and loves to curl up on your lap so would love someone who is home for much of the time.

Neutered Female

Microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

She has had her 1st vaccination

Only dog in the home

No children or sensible children 10 and over

Owner home most of the time

Fostered in South Wales

Tinsel comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance.