7 June 2023

Mungo *****ADOPTED******

By Emma
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Mungo D2023-64

  • Needs a resident dog
  • Not cat or small furry tested
  • Older sensible children
  • Patient and loving owners

Mungo is an almost 3 year old Miniature Poodle described by his foster mum as a very friendly boy who wants lots of attention and pushes to the front of the other dogs to get in. He’s not nasty in any way, he is just craving attention due to a lack of it in his past. He adores being petted and brushed. Despite his world being turned upside down he has settled reasonably well in foster but doesn’t let foster mum go far until he is following her.

Veterinary history to be discussed

Mungo is happy to have his harness and lead put on and happy to go for a walk but appears to have not seen much of the outside world so is nervous in his surroundings and with the noises. This is being worked on and he is already much improved. He is just going to take time to learn that the world is not a scary place and can be exciting full of adventures.

When out an about he needs his new owners to initially decide who is safe for him to greet be they human or dog as he needs positive interactions. He is fine with most people but careful introductions need to be made as he is initially timid but warms quickly.

He has been fine in the house when left with the other dogs for short periods and is excited when foster mum returns.

He currently has shown no interest in cats or small furries.

We would recommend older children who will understand he needs time to settle.

He is an active dog but not yet showing interest in toys.

He currently sleeps in the kitchen with the other dogs but is desperate to be on the bed with his human or as close as he’s allowed.

Toilet training is a work in progress and is improving daily he just needs a regular routine and reminded to go out often.

He currently does not take treats from a hand but loves his food and is a greedy eater so we would recommend a slow feeder so that he actually tastes his food. He will try and take other dogs food so this needs to be monitored or he needs to be fed separately.

Mungo needs a resident dog for guidance and support. He also needs time and patience to decompress and loving caring parents who will support and guide him.


1st vaccs, Microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance

Fostered in Newport