7 June 2023

Faith *****ADOPTED*****

By Emma
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Faith D2023-57

            *Can be an only dog or live with others

            * Sensible children

            * Not shown any interest in cats

            * Owners home most of the time

Faith is a 7 year old pug who arrived into rescue after being used as a breeding machine and sadly suffered from a horrendous prolapse, dry eye and severe ear infections. After weeks of time care and patience the prolapse has now retained, the dry eye has been treated and the ears are looking much better she is now looking amazing and feeling amazing and is like a different dog. The vets are over the moon with her progress and so are we.

Faith adores people and loves to be close to anyone who’s available. She will snuggle next to you on the sofa giving you random puggy kisses all over your face, follow you out the garden or sit right next to your feet if you are standing cooking in the kitchen. She adores walking on the lead and gets excited when she sees it happily trotting around on her walks taking in all the delightful smells and watching everyone that passes with a waggy tail.

Faith is just a pure darling she is a happy little madam who is happy sleeping snuggling and being around her humans.

Faith is currently living with 3 other dogs and is fine with them. She does not snuggle with them as she prefers to be close to the humans but she is happy in their company. She has shown no notice to any cats she’s passed on walks

Faith is absolutely fine around everyone and if she can get attention from child or adult she’s there. I wouldn’t recommend very small children that don’t understand how to be gentle yet as she is an older lady and she would like the more gentle snuggly children that are happy to snuggle and stroke her for as long as they can.

Faith does not play with toys or with the other dogs in the foster home but gives a very happy dance when she knows she’s going for a walk.

Faith sleeps very happily on the sofa whilst the other dogs in the home sleep next to foster mums’ bed. She may come up stairs through the night and join the other dogs but is equally as happy by herself on the sofa all night. Faith also snored LOUDLY so be warned.

Faith is 100% toilet trained.

Faith loves her food and likes to eat very slow she will allow the other dogs to steal her food once they’ve finished so this is monitored to make sure it doesn’t happen.

Faith is looking for a home with a family that are home most of the time as sometimes when she’s left, she will give out a funny little howl to tell you she’s not happy with you leaving. A home that’s happy to give her the attention she craves and lots of doggie walks that make her happy. She does sit under your feet and walk in front of you a lot trying to be near you and has tripped foster mum up a few times so it’s important you bear this in mind.


1st Vaccs, Microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance

Fosteredi Newport