10 June 2023

Camelo *****ADOPTED*****

By Emma
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Camelo (Cammy) D2023-67

  • Needs another active adventure buddy
  • Older dog savvy children
  • Not cat tested
  • Active home willing to continue his eduation

Cammy is a beautiful 14 month old Labrador described by his foster mum as a real people lover. He is very eager to please his humans. He loves cuddles, and would love to be a lap dog when he is not being a high energy dog. He loves a fuss but if he has to wait in a queue of other dogs, he will shout to let you know! He is a real character, so loving and so keen to please his humans.

He learns so quickly and will need a patient owner who will continue his training and reward him when he does as asked. He is only young and gets excited so tends to jump up at people but is responding really well to the command of ‘off’ and is learning he only gets attention when all his four feet are on the floor.

He gets on great with the other dogs in his foster home.

Cammy is not cat tested she has seen foster mums’ cat outside and wanted to meet her but the cat got scared so no meeting took place. If a cat is used to dogs and careful introductions made, he may be ok but this can’t be guarantee

He loves children but due to his boisterous puppy nature and the bulk of him, he could easily knock over smaller children whilst playing. Older teenage children who match his energy levels would be fine, probably not the best around toddlers or small children.

Cammy is just learning to play with toys, and prefers to play with them with the other dogs. He’s not really interested in playing with them on his own but is young enough to learn to play with toys with people.

Cammy is great on walks. He is walked in a harness and lead and a slip lead. He does not pull and is responsive to commands. He has been on walks in the fields on a long lead (he loves those walks) and stays close to his handler, stopping as soon as he is called. His recall will need working on but he is really eager to please and responds well to praise. He is respectful of dogs met on walks and will walk by them if told to and praised for doing so.

Cammy sleeps downstairs with the other dogs claiming a comfy squishy dog bed in front of the fire as his preferred spot but also sleeps on the sofa but would love to sleep with his humans if he could.

Cammy is completely house trained.

He is learning to respect others whilst eating and has learnt already that each dog has their own space and he knows they will not invade his space.

Cammy would love a very active home with another active dog for lots of adventures. He wants to explore everything and have a go at everything. He loves going on walks and loves water. He has loads of energy and at the end of a busy day he would love nothing better than being snuggled and cuddled. He loves playing chase with other dogs and is very much a people dog, but he has been fine being left for a few hours with other dogs for company.


1st vaccination, microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance

Fostered in Llantrisant