7 April 2023

Minnie *****ADOPTED*****

By Emma
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Minnie D2023-40

* Needs a resident small dog

* Not cat or small furry tested

* Older dog savvy children

* Patient and loving family who wont treat her as a toy

Minnie is a nearly 2 year old beautiful long haired chocolate Chihuahua described by her foster mum as a typical 2.5 kg princess who likes to be familiar with her humans. She likes to be as close as she can and will sit on your shoulder if there’s room. Her favourite past time is snuggling and sitting on your lap and following you everywhere. She does get under your feet when she follows you so you must be very mindful of this so she doesn’t get hurt.

Minnie is fearful of strangers and they must give her time and room to feel safe. If they push themselves on her like any respectable lady she is going to warn you to back off before she goes into Ninja Chi mode which in Minnies case consists of a growl and even a snap if you keep pushing her. This needs to be worked on at Minnie’s pace.

As Minnie is the most lovable princess once she’s chosen you as her mummy/daddy/slave she gives out a little squeaky bark to get your attention whether it’s to lift her up on the bed or to play with her. She has the sweetest little nature but is not the trusting type outside of her family unit and will run or bolt if unsure. She needs to be secure at all times with a lead and harness outside the home as she’s so little she’s a speedy Gonzales..

Minnie is fine living in her foster home with other dogs and really enjoys the company of the other male chihuahua in the home. She will try to play with him and gets excited if he joins in. They snuggle on foster mums sons bed together in the nights and sleep all night.

Minnie is scared of small young children and will run away so older sensible children who will not treat her as a toy would be preferred.

Minnie will have bouts of playfulness and with give a little shriek of excitement when she wants to play. She hasn’t yet played with toys herself but will play with the other chihuahua when he feels like it. She is not fond of flat faced dogs as they scare her and she reacts to this.

Minnie walks fine on the lead but will struggle and become scared when seeing or meeting strangers. She’s happy just walking with her foster mummy and her chihuahua foster brother in quiet places. She needs to keep practicing and not be picked up which will reinforce her fears. Just ask people to be patient and leave her alone.

Minnie sleeps on her foster mums’ sons bed with her foster chihuahua snuggled down and sleeps all night.

Minnie is house trained but doesn’t always ask to go out she will use a puppy pad if one’s available though.

Minnie is a very fussy eater and would choose human food every time over any dog food. She’s a princess after all. She is now starting to eat a few dog biscuits small amounts and often but she is a fussy princess who feels she should be fed bacon sandwiches and roast dinners lol

Minnie needs a quiet home that doesn’t have a constant stream of visitors. To many humans arriving and leaving would stress her out and she would become very anxious and unhappy. A family who can see how precious she is and will spoilt her but not encourage her nervous behaviour. A home that can work on her Insecurities around strangers and help her feel safe is important. She would love a little chihuahua friend that likes to play and can show her all the good things a loving home can offer. She’s only young and although a worrier she does like to play and have puppy fun at times.


Vaccinated, microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance

Fostered in Newport