13 April 2023

Betty *****ADOPTED*****

By Emma
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Betty D2023-001

  • Needs a resident dog
  • Children 10 and over
  • Not cat tested
  • Comes with full rescue back up
  • We will pay for her medication for a heart murmur

Betty is a 9 year old King Charles Cavalier described by her foster mum as a sweet girl who has really come out of her shell since being in foster. She adores attention and gives it back a million times over. Once she knows you, she is a super laid back fur baby who is super appreciative of the small things. She is a little nervous when you first meet but will soon be your best friend for life.

She has ongoing health issues that will be paid for by the charity and is feeling so much more herself with the correct medication for her heart issues. She takes her meds twice a day like a good girl and will need to continue this in her forever home.

Betty loves being out in the garden enjoying the sun (when we get some), loves going for a little walk to survey her kingdom, loves to play, be adored and then loves to sleep. When she is out and about, she walks with a confident wiggle in her step happy to show off how beautiful she is inside and out. When she gets home, she loves to have a little snore which will help you drift off to her melodic happy sounds.

Betty prefers wet food but will pick at dry kibble. She is on a diet of Ava dry for her sensitive tummy and has a small amount of wet food mixed in to tempt her. This will be discussed with potential adopters. Betty knows what treats are and will sit and wait her turn patiently.

Betty is a little hard of hearing so foster mum has been working on hand signals and she has picked it up really quick.

Betty is mostly house trained and twill try and tell you that she wants to go out, but still has the odd accident.

Betty is in foster with other dogs and whilst she is happy to sit back and watch she won’t take any bullying and will tell others if she is unhappy with their behaviour. She gently reminds them by giving a warning and moving away.

Betty sleeps downstairs in the kitchen with another dog for company, and is happy with this. She can now use the stairs which did take her a time to master but is happy with her friend.

Betty has met dog savvy children and can be rehomed with children 10 and over.

Betty is a special girl who appreciates all the small things that are so often the hardest part to give a rescue dog. She even loves a bath relishing in the contact. She is currently not keen on having her feet touched which is probably due to her nails being so overgrown when she came into rescue but this is being worked on.

Betty being a spoilt princess likes to have a flannel wash of her face and around her eyes every morning which is done before food knowing that her breakfast is coming next.

Betty needs a quiet loving home with another dog or two for snuggles when the human slave is not available. A family who will take her for small daily walks and just enjoy the life she so deserves. She comes with full rescue back up and we will pay for her medication that she has twice a day for life. The vets are happy that her condition is stable and there is no reason she shouldn’t live a full life.


Vaccinated, Microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance

Fostered in Blackwood