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Name: Maisie

Age: 6 years

Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Fostered in: South Wales

Health Issues; Maisie had quite bad teeth when she came to us but has since had a dental and some teeth removed. She has a stage 3 heart murmur, but no medication required.

Maisie is a very soft, kind, loving soul with huge amounts of love to give. She is a quiet little girl, only heard her bark once and even then it was a quiet sweet little bark. She loves a cuddle, on the sofa or in bed she’s not fussy where, as long as you are close by. don’t leave your seat for more than 30 seconds because she loves a nice warm chair.
When not cuddling Maisie really enjoys a leisurely stroll and investigate in the garden, shes a real lady and doesn’t like to be rushed.

she is sat on your lap whilst being brushed. Not overly keen on having her nails clipped but that will Maisie loves to be fussed by everyone. She has shown fear towards 1 of my adult sons friends who is over 6 foot tall but very quickly calmed once he sat down and showed he was no threat. She loves to be brushed, even more so if come with time and trust.

Can live with children: Maisie is wonderful the 9year old she lives with and his friends, the more kind gentle hands the better but I do not think she would like young fast noisy children. We haven’t been for walks due to vaccinations but she greats other dogs and people in a friendly way when we have been at the vets.

Can live with Cats. Not tested with cats. Inquisitive about rabbit and rat but no aggression shown.

Can live with other dogs: Maisie is 1 of 8 in her foster home and is comfortable with all of the other dogs, large and small. I think Maisie would be great with other dogs or as an only dog as long as she wasn’t left alone for too long, she loves too be close and have company.

In the home: Maisie is very good in the house, no destructive behaviour at all, she does have the occasional wee accident if she has been rushed in from the garden. She sleeps on the landing with 4 other dogs, sometimes in the big bed with another and sometimes in a bed on her own. She goes in a crate when her foster Mum is out. She does love to chew a toy bone but hasn’t played with any others. Maisie loves her food. Never shown any aggression towards people or around toys or food.

Out and about: Walks well on lead when going to vet and a little nervous in the vets but generally ok. Travels well in car.

Type of home: Maisie deserves a quietish cuddly family with enough space in the garden for investigating and exploring. A nice little space on the sofa and a blanket to cwtch on colder days. A family that will take her for walks at her pace and give her the time and patience she deserves.

Maisie is fully vaccinated and up to date with her flea and worming treatment.

Potential adopters would be expected to travel to South Wales to meet her.