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Name: Fizz

Age: 3 ½

Breed: Westie X

Fostered: Worcester

Fizz is beginning to be a very sweet and cheeky girl. She’s still quite wary of humans and will scuttle to jump on sofa if her foster mum walks into the room but she is at least jumping down from sofa while she is sat next to her. She will come and lay her head on your lap once she trusts you and her favourite evening pastime is bringing soft toys from toybox up onto the sofa where she will happily chew them. She will also roll a tennis ball along with her nose but can be destructive and tear covering off them much to Alfie her foster brothers disgust as he’s very particular about his balls! She loves to be cuddled and will lie across my lap for as long as I let her.

Can live with children: Yes

Can live with cats: Fizz lives with a cat who is very tolerant of dogs and totally unafraid so she does her best to ignore him especially when he sits close to her on the sofa. She’s not brave enough to turf him out of her bed though.

Can live with other dogs: She loves the resident dog and will cuddle up to him whenever he permits which is surprisingly often with her. She’s quite comfortable with all dogs outside and has not shown any aggression either towards dogs or people. I think she definitely needs another dog as she takes her cues from Alfie. Today she managed to go outside over the threshold without having to be carried with the help of Alfie who she followed. PROGRESS. Once out she walks very well on the lead.

In the home: She has had only a couple of accidents in the house but hasn’t asked to go out yet although accidents have been by doors to garden on puppy pads. She sleeps on the sofa now that she’s getting braver and always sits up to greet her foster mum in the morning. At the moment Fizz loves to lounge on the sofa but will get down for water and occasionally eats her food by the waterbowl which is in the lounge. She eats everything she’s given and has shown no food or toy aggression thus far. She has occasionally been left her on her own for up to an hour particularly if it’s raining as she hates getting wet and have left her with Alfie for up to three hours with no problems.

Out and about: We are still waiting for the tail to go completely up on walks – it’s about half-mast at the moment which is an improvement on completely tucked under. She was very reluctant to leave the house initially so she had to carry her until her foster mum felt she would cope. She’s now following Alfie out but is still wary. She travels in the boot of the car with Alfie but is often sick even on short journeys. The calming spray seems to help but doesn’t work every time. She was fine at the vets.

Type of home: Fizz will need a calm, quiet home with another dog to learn from. She will need lots of tlc and attention as she likes to be touching either a dog or a human when she’s relaxing.

Fizz is neutered, fully vaccinated and up to date with flea and worming treatment.

Potential adopters will be expected to travel to meet Worcester