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Name: Mabel

Age: 4

Breed: Cross breed

Fostered in: South Wales

Mabel is a beautiful girl. She arrived from Turkey in February 2020. Her owner is terminally ill and didn’t want her to be left in Turkey when she passes away.
Mabel was quite bewildered when she arrived in Foster care. She was very nervous and jumped at the slightest noise. She was very wary of adult males and has barked and growled at them, although she’s much better now as she gets used to her new surround dings and feels a little less scared.

Can live with children: Mabel interacts well with children in the home and loves being petted and talked to. Small children and or babies could be knocked over inadvertently by her as she is a little clumsy. She is quite protective of adult females when adult males arrive on the scene. She has barked and growled previously but is improving.

Can live with cats: Mabel has not been cat tested but reacts excitedly towards small flurries.

Can live with other dogs: Mabel can be quite wary of dogs we see in the park. If approached by any large dog, she will bark aggressively at them, because you can see that she is scared. She is considerably better with dogs on the lead, as long as they don’t get too close.

In the home: Mabel is calm in the family home. She is house trained. She sleeps on a dog bed in a bedroom or in the lounge. She hasn’t been crated. She has recently started playing with toys and particularly likes squeaky toys. She eats kibble with a little tinned food added and she has a good appetite. Mabel is not toy or food aggressive but has not been tested with other animals. She is usually well behaved when left up to four hours and doesn’t destroy things.

Out and About: Mabel enjoys going out on the lead. However, she will react defensively if other dogs come too close.

Type of home: I believe that Mabel would benefit from an experienced owner, who is patient and kind, and can take her on long walks. It would be useful if they’ve had experience with dogs from other counties or would be happy to research them. If there are adult males within the family unit, they would agree to be aware of her nervousness and be happy to modify their behaviour accordingly.

Mable will need a lot of patience and understand when she leaves her foster home so please be mindful of this when applying.

Mable is up to date with vaccinations, flea and worming treatment. She is also spayed.