Through no fault of her own Holly is once again looking for her forever family. Grab a cuppa and take a look at Holly’s photo gallery.

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Name: Holly

Age: 5 years

Breed: Shih tzu

Fostered: South Wales

Holly is a quiet girl that is quite unassuming in the house. She loves her toys and likes them to be thrown for her to chase. She loves running around the house and the garden and doesn’t like being confined to one space. She doesn’t bark very often and gives little cries or whimpers if she wants something, such as food or the toilet. She dreams on que every night around 9.30 where she runs and talks in her sleep for a few minutes. Holly has quite a sad looking face but is a content and happy girl as long as she has her toys and human around her. She is not a lap dog but will lay near you on the sofa and will be picked up for a cuddle and follow you all over the house. She does not respect your privacy at all. She will jump up on you for reassurance every now and then, in the house and out for walks but settles happily after a fuss. She is a bit of a princess and will not cooperate with having her photo taken when she doesn’t want to. She is a darling little girl and that little face will melt your heart.

Health Issues: Holly has a sunken left eye, there is no sight as eye not developed properly. This causes no problems at the moment.

People: Holly prefers women to men and can bark and at them but this is improving all the time. Doesn’t like being groomed but will tolerate a brush and wash.
She will come up to be fussed and cuddled when she is wanting to otherwise she is just quiet on her own. She likes to be stroked.

Can live with children: No children as she has not interacted with any. Older teenage females would be OK.

Can live with cats: Yes, she is in a foster home with a cat and takes no notice of it. Not tested with other animals

Can live with other dogs: She can be feisty and try to overtake the other dogs in the foster home especially the male dog. She tries to get to other dogs out on a walk as she’s really interested in them. She can be choosy if she likes them or not so adopter needs to be aware of this.
She would benefit from a female confident dog and would need to be homed with another dog. Not a smaller dog.

In the home: She is fully house trained, Holly will give a little cry to let you know when she wants to go out. Holly sleeps quietly on her foster Mums bed at night. She loves toys and collects them and has them all over the house. She has favourites she loves us to throw and play chase with.
Never been crated. Holly loves her food and is not food or toy aggressive and will not share her toys.
Holly has never been left more than 4 hours and is very happy to see her foster family when they come back home. She is not destructive but will pinch socks to chew.

Out and about:. Holly loves her walks and is interested in everything around her. She will try and run and hasn’t been off lead unless in a secure field. Holly travels well In the car and is fine at the vets.

Type of home: Holly can take her time to settle around men so would need an understanding home allowing her time and patience. She can bark and growl at males and is not interested in bonding with them.
Holly would benefit from someone home most of the day and someone willing to put the work in to gain her trust and not expect her to walk off lead for a long time.
She’s quite happy sleeping but would benefit an active home where they enjoy the out doors.She would benefit from having a playful dog around her own age.

Holly is neutered, fully vaccinated and up to date with flea and worming treatment.