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Name: Arabella

Age: 5 years

Breed: Cavalier King Charles

Fostered: South Wales


Health Issues: No known health conditions

Arabella is an ex breeding girl. She is a larger size cavalier but believes she is a lot smaller,she is a complete goofball and although still scared at times is a loving loyal girl that like to be besides you always.

People: Arabella can be a scared little girl that is desperate for human love. Slow interactions are important as she is scared at first by touch but will warm to you once she trusts you. Arabella does not like being groomed or showered and will wriggle and run to hide but over time I think she will learn to be brave so time and patience is a must.

Can live with children: Arabella is quite a scared girl at times and sudden movements and sudden loud noises scare her and she will run to hide. Arabella would not be happy living with young boisterous toddlers/children, gentle older children would suit her better. Arabella is desperate to explore and be the dog she should of been so a family that has Time for her to be able to explore and learn, patience to show her what she’s missing and lots of love so she knows humans are good is also a must.

Can live with cats: Yes,She is not interested in the cat living in her foster home.

Can live with other dogs: Arabella will snuggle up next to her foster sister and brother and will enjoy exploring in the garden with them, but her main choice to follow around is her foster mum. She will bark at the neighbour’s dog when she comes to the fence but it’s more of an excitement bark as her tail will wag like she’s going to take off and she will run up and down with excitement. Although Arabella is quite laid back and very into her humans. I think that she would b better rehomed with another dog as not only will they help her feel safe, they also help with her separation anxiety not returning And she still also has lots of things to learn from them.

In the home: Arabella is 100 % toilet trained and dry through the night. She hasn’t yet learnt how to tell her foster mum she needs to go out if the door is closed, so she has had one or two accidents due to this. Arabella has never used a crate in her foster home as she prefers to sleep on the settee with her foster brother and sister. She sleeps on her foster mums’ bed and sleeps all night. Arabella is not destructive but does love a dirty sock, she will steal her foster dads dirty work socks and loves to chew holes in the heels. Arabella loves her food and is currently enjoying being on a raw nugget diet. She had a problem with bad flatulence on dry food and this has now Disappeared. She does not have any aggression with food or toys, she is a gentle soul. She doesn’t play with toys due to not knowing how but I think she would love to learn. She will randomly go and get a teddy toy and carry it to the settee, maybe to mother. When Arabella came to her foster mum, she suffered with separation anxiety, when her foster mum would leave the room or go out she would cry and howl.But with time and Patience Arabella is now happy to be left home with her foster brother and sister, and No longer gets upset being left. She has been left for a few hours and she will sleep until her foster mum comes back.

Out and about: Unfortunately, due to Arabella not being up to date with her vaccinations and being in season 2 days after she came to we foster mum, she has not been out on a walk. taking her to the vets previously though she walked beautiful on the lead.

 Arabella is not neutered or fully vaccinated as yet due to restrictions regarding Covid-19 but is  up to date with flea and worming treatment.

Potential adopters will be expected to travel to South Wales to meet her.

Due to covid19 and the current lockdown across the country, we are unable to process applications and rehome any of our dogs until the crisis is over.