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Name: Esther

Age:  19 weeks

Breed: Cavalier cross Westie

Fostered in: South Wales

Health Issues: None


Esther was a hand from an unsold litter.  She is a wonderful little puppy who despite her lack of socialisation is surprisingly affectionate and loving. She is a delight to foster and one of the cutest and sweetest natured puppies we have ever had the pleasure of looking after.

People: Sarah came from a puppy farm she was quite friendly from the get-go although she would shy away a little if you overpowered her. She has been with us almost two weeks and her delightful little character is starting to shine through. She enjoys being cuddled and puts her paws up on your legs so that you can bend down and envelop her in your arms. She is very compliant and will let you pick her up and will snuggle into you. She has been bathed, had her ears and eyes cleaned and brushed with no problem. She loves her foster dad as much as her foster Mum and will run to greet him when he comes into the room.

Can live with children: Due to lockdown she hasn’t had the opportunity to meet children but she is such a sweet dog that we think she would be fine to be rehomed with children providing they don’t overpower her and understand that she is not a toy.

Can live with cats: Not tested

Can live with Dogs: Esther is being fostered with one of her siblings Sarah and they are very alike. Their foster Mum had to put different collars on them so that she could tell the difference. The girls adore each other and play tussle and do zoomies in the garden. She is also being fostered with two resident older dogs who don’t really engage with her. She is very respectful of them and knows not to annoy them with her puppy ways. She is very submissive and approaches them by commando crawling on her tummy which is so cute to see.

In the home: Esther has been clean at night from the second day she arrived. She had the odd accident inside at first but goes outside all the time now. The weather helps as she is in the garden a lot of the time. She sleeps with her sister in a dog bed inside a playpen at night. they generally sleep right through. She gets so excited to see everyone in the morning her body wiggles and dances. She goes outside to toilet but quickly whizz back for more wiggly cuddles. Being a pup she does like to chew things and has a penchant for stealing stones from the garden pond to chew. Potential owners will need to watch for wires or anything that her little mouth might find interesting to chew. She loves toys and her kong. She is neither food nor toy aggressive in fact she doesn’t seem to have a harmful bone in her body. Even though she is a puppy she is a wonderful little houseguest Her puppy ways are to be expected but are by no means over the top and difficult to manage.

Out and about: Esther is not yet fully vaccinated so has not been able to go out for walks so will need training in this area. She was sick in the short journey home from the vet but could have been a reaction to her injection. The vet said she was very well behaved.

Type of home: Esther adores being with her sister and just loves playing all the time with her. I think she needs to be rehomed with another resident kind and playful dog who would be able to help continue with her socialisation. She is a typical pup in that she needs lots of attention and stimulation so someone who is home most of the day would be desirable. She would probably be fine with children who are dog savvy, but she would be happy with adults who have the time to continue her training. She is a wonderful little pup with lots of love to give and will continue to flourish in a home where her humans are committed to giving her their time and attention and importantly their love,

Esther is up to date with her flea and worming treatments and has also had her first vaccination.

I also come with 5 weeks free insurance from Agria Pet Insurance.

Potential adopters will be expected to travel to South Wales to meet her.