25 April 2020


By Celeste Rendall
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Name: Buddy

Age: 4 years old

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Fostered in: South Wales

Health Issues: Buddy has an inoperable liver shunt and is on a special diet. He takes no medication for this. Buddy is awaiting further investigates for this.

Buddy is an amazing little boy, he is a happy, friendly and outgoing bundle of fun.

People: Buddy is so people friendly and happily greets anyone. He loves to sit on your lap or curled up near you.

Can live with children: Buddy seems fine around children but does jump up. Older children due to his small size would be suitable.

Can live with dogs: Buddy is not aggressive around other dogs; he gets very excited to meet them and is very vocal and tries to lick their faces which not all dogs he meets appreciate. Buddy doesn’t seem to have had much socialization in the past which explains his bad manners.

Can live with cats: Buddy is interested in cats and small furies but is not aggressive.

In the home: Buddy is not fully house trained and has lots of little accidents daily.
He sleeps downstairs in his bed and he is happy to go in the crate for short periods. His crate door is always open, and he does go in by himself.

Out and about: Buddy loves to go on a walk whether it’s on a short walk or a big field walk. He just loves the outdoors especially sniffing everything he comes across.
Buddy isn’t a fan of the car or travelling.

Type of home: Buddy can be left for a short amount time but due to his love of people we would rather him go to a home where there is someone around most of the day.

Due to Buddy’s need for investigate into his liver shut he will not be ready for adoption yet.

Buddy is up to date with his flea and worming treatments. Due to lockdown restrictions Buddy is awaiting neutering and vaccinations.

Due to Covid19 lock down restrictions, we are only accepting local re homing applications.

I come with five weeks insurance from Agria Pet Insurance

APPLY HERE https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfd_JdGGHMRmqhMBNhttLmu5-4740SAnh7GqQD8LQCTn3U6_A/viewform?fbclid=IwAR3hdNk9-rHBlfMV4Xoa-EvdHgLVRCWZ0d4Qn97VxUCm9QBHRasYN8O2494&formkey=dGNOTEFnUl9GbXc1eC1PRGtqT3d1V1E6MQ#gid=0