11 November 2023

Elvira *****ADOPTED*****

By Emma
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Elvira D2023-152

  • Needs another dog
  • Good with dog savvy cats
  • Children 8 and over
  • Patient, quiet home with owners around most of the time

Elvira is 7 year old bichon described by her foster mum as a very inquisitive little girl who likes to know what her human person is doing and where they are 24/7. She is very friendly and craves attention loving nothing better than having a cuddle on the sofa next to her human. She is still nervous of people outside the home due to not having had much opportunity to go out except to the vets, but is improving,

She loves other dogs and likes nothing more than climbing on top of her foster sisters ,who are bichons, and going to sleep.
It doesn’t matter if her foster sister is on foster mums lap, she will still climb on top to go to sleep. She needs to find her place with other dogs as she will climb over them to get a cuddle although she is not nasty she needs to know that she can’t do this if the other dog is not happy about it

Elvie as we call her is a playful girl who loves to interact with her humans and having her belly rubbed. Her nick name is tippy toes as she does little dances of excitement when her human comes home and when she is going to be fed. She loves to watch programmes about dogs and looks at the screen intently and will sometimes bark back at the dog on screen .
Elvie lives with a cat without problems but hasn’t met any other small furries.

She hasn’t met any children yet but due to her nature we recommend children 8 and over as she is a little girl she needs gentle handling.

Elvie has never known what toys are and they are still a mystery to her. She has initiated play with her foster sisters and would love another small dog to play with.

Elvira has walked in the garden with a harness on, and although she acts shy and a bit nervous, she will let you put the harness on without any trouble or fuss and walk quite happily with another dog by her side. She sleeps next to her human on the bed with the other dogs. She will expect to be allowed to do this in her new home, as she loves to be near them at all times.
She has sat in a dog bed but doesn’t really use them unless there’s another in there so she can cuddle up or lay on top of.

She is very good at going into the garden to toilet when prompted or when she follows her furry foster sisters out. Like most Bichons she doesn’t like the rain so will go on a puppy pad when the weather is bad although she is learning rain won’t harm her.

Elvira gets fed on her own, she is not food aggressive but will go to see what’s left in anyone else’s dish given the chance .
She is just learning that treats are good, although due to having 6 teeth out she has only just been allowed a very soft treat and is starting to take it from our hand.

Elvie would like a home with another small friendly dog that likes to cuddle and will share their human with her. She’d like her human to be around most of the day. Although only being 7 Elvira can seem a bit older when she walks or bounces along as she had no need to use her muscles in the past, but she is a fast little girl who has learnt to jump onto the sofa and uses steps to get on the bed. She’d need to have a few smaller walks so doesn’t really need a very active home. A home on the quieter side would be better for this little one. Elvira is the sweetest, gentlest little dog who will bring joy to her new family and fill their house with love.


1st vaccs, microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Fostered in Wenvoe, Vale of Glamorgan

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance