11 November 2023

Spirit & Storm

By Emma
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Spirit & Storm D2023-159

  • Needs a resident dog for guidance
  • Sensible children
  • Patient and loving family

Spirit & Storm are 3 year old Cavalier crosses described by their foster mum as fine once they get to know you. Spirit can be a little timid but enjoys a fuss. Storm will bark at any movement or new people but also loves a fuss and cuddle. They stick together most of the time and are just so cute.

They have settled really well and love a routine. They are fine with all the other dogs in their foster home and happy to engage with them all. Despite enjoying a fuss and cuddle they are not quite ready to come and ask for it but if you go to them and gently say hello they love the attention. They are just so adorable and love and support each other so much.

They have not yet been out for a walk as not had second vaccinations. They will need gentle introduction to lead walking and encouragement and praise for each step of progress.

Not cat tested. Storm barked when she saw the resident cat but she barks at anything new. Spirit is not bothered by the cat.

Both Spirit and Storm adore children. If they hear children in the park next door to their foster home, they rush out to the fence to say hello with their tails wagging happily and bums wiggling in excitement. They have met and adore fosters grandchildren aged between 5 and 14 and love being cuddled by them. As long as children are calm and sensible around them, any age above toddler would be ok.

They are both just discovering toys and loving them. They have seen the other dogs play with them and have just started taking an interest. They are not bothered if another dog takes a toy from them, they wait to be given another one. They won’t go and choose another toy themselves yet.

They love to curl up together in front of the fire in the evening. At 8pm all the dogs get a treat and then go out to the garden for toilet. Spirit and Storm then have a few more zzz’s in front of the fire before they toddle off together to their open crate at 9.30pm on the dot.

Toilet training is a work in progress. During the day, they are fine and go out to the garden when encouraged. Currently the accidents are happening over night but these are on puppy pads.

They both know they have a bowl of food each but like to swap and share between themselves. They know they are not to approach another dog’s food and they know another dog will not approach their food.

Spirit and Storm would love a patient family home with children. Not too hectic or noisy but with calm children and parents who will be patient to wait for them to gain confidence to ask for cuddles and to help and guide them. They would love a home with another friendly and confident dog who can welcome them, show them the ropes, teach them how to play, where to toilet and stuff like that. They will need gradual lead training and walking on a lead in the big world will take time and patience. They have rarely been left alone since rescued so they would prefer to have someone around most the day but as long as they have each other we are sure they will work out their own routine if left for a while. They have never been puppies so everything is new to them so a kind loving home who lets them have their puppy stage and lots of love.


1st vaccs, Neutered and up to date flea and wormer

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance

Fostered in Llantrisant