9 November 2023

Sydney *****ADOPTED*****

By Emma
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Sydney D2023-156

  • Needs a playful, friendly resident dog
  • Gentle children 5 and over
  • Not cat tested
  • Patient owners who need a cuddle monster

Sydney is a super friendly 5 year old Bichon. She is described by her foster mum as a very loving, cuddly girl who enjoys the company of humans both big and small and other dogs. She’s very inquisitive so you would need to “puppy proof” your home until she settles. She loves to take socks from the washing and run off with them. Being a bichon Sydney’s dancing could get her onto Strictly and she loves to show off her beautiful teeth in a most hilarious smile.

She is good with people both big and small and has been around visiting children 5+ and lives with a 14 year old. She enjoys the company and spends a lot of her time as close as possible to people.

Sydney lacks basic manners and can be a bit of a Diva, walking over anything and anyone to get where she wants to be. She hasn’t had anyone to teach her good manners so will need some work in this area. She is very compliant and will allow you to handle her to groom, etc. She is very easy to train and is eager to get it right. She doesn’t ask for much, just a nice full belly, lots of love and another doggy to cuddle up with on your lap.

She is just starting to show a very playful nature and will need a younger companion who will be happy to play with her. She shows absolutely no aggression with toys, food or handling. She hasn’t shown any interest in toys but is developing a very playful nature with other dogs. She is very happy on a lead in the garden but has been unable to start lead walking due to her vaccination status

She will eat her meals alongside the resident dogs and has learned not to disturb the others while eating. She’s an opportunist and constantly on the lookout for tasty snacks but is very gently when being hand fed.

She travels well in the car in a carrier. Not cat or small furry tested

Sydney sleeps very well on the bed with her humans and dogs. Not interested in any of the dog beds, prefers a lap or sofa or wherever the other dogs are.

Toilet training is a work in progress and this will need to continue in the home. The delay has simply been caused by firework season. She was doing really well going out the garden to toilet then the fireworks started and has caused a backwards step, however once this settles we have full confidence that she will be fully toilet trained quickly.

Sydney’s ideal home would be with at least one other gentle, patient resident dog. She would love at least one human to give her lots of cuddles but this has to be alongside the other dog. She would enjoy the company of children 5 years and upwards who respect that she is very small and needs gentle handling. She is not a rough and tumble girl just more of a cuddle monster. She just wants to be cosy, comfortable and very loved. She loves to be pampered and enjoys being groomed and would need regular grooming to look after her curly coat. She really is the most delightful little lady who will bring great happiness and lots of love and laughs into your home.


1st VAccs, Microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance

Fostered in Port Talbot