23 May 2023

Benji *****ADOPTED*****

By Emma
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Benji D2021-142

Hi there I’m Benji a stunning three-year-old Anatolian Shepherd cross. I’m a big boy with a big personality! I’m really fun and really affectionate to my people and other people I meet, although if you are an uninvited guest you and everybody else in the area will know it as my bark is incredibly lou. I am protective but not aggressive if I’m introduced to you by my foster and they tell me you are safe I will greet you like an old friend, sometimes with a tiny bit more enthusiasm than is necessary (I’m working on this).

My current foster has a lot of dogs which after initial settling in period I’m very good with my new pack, there is one other large male here that I’m not too keen on but other than the occasional grumble at one another we can coexist well, but this is down to my fosters experience and may not be the same for everyone. The rest of the dogs I absolutely love and spend most of my time playing, especially with my little buddy who is my favourite, he’s a 16 week old collie puppy who I let get away with absolute murder.  He very much enjoys jumping on me when I’m lying down and we love to play chase not that he can keep up, but when I let him catch me, he likes to pull on my ears and biting my legs because when I’m stood up he wouldn’t be able to reach anywhere else. I’m very very careful and gentle with him as he is only little.

I can get a little bit protective of my food around the other dogs but as long as I’m given my food behind a pen/stairgate I’m absolutely fine and as soon as I’m done even if there’s some food left in the bowl I don’t mind if the others have it. I’m the same with treats as I’d very much like to have them all for myself so as long as this is done sensibly, I’m fine especially after I’ve gotten settled and accustomed to my new canine friends.

I’m also apparently a very good boy because I have shown absolutely no interest in people food. I have not taken anything off the sides and I don’t even bother watching my humans when they eat that would be valuable time playing with my friends or sleeping wasted.

Since being on foster I have learnt how to enjoy and live alongside many different animals from cats, chickens, ducks, geese, pigs, horses and sheep. I now show little to no interest in them. I enjoy trotting alongside the quad bike patrolling our property and checking on the sheep and other animals I very much like coming alongside my fosters while doing farm chores and playing with my doggy friend.

I do have to be carefully introduced to strange dogs as I can on occasion perceive them as threats to myself and my friends as they are my “flock” as this is what I was bred to do, but after careful introduction I’m happy to accept them into my flock I’m a model house guest I’m completely house trained, I don’t counter surf, even though I have the option of getting up on the sofas here I prefer the floor or dog beds. I’m quiet and not destructive when left either loose or in a pen. I do have minor tremors, due to having distemper as a pup, other than being a bit twitchy especially when I’m asleep this doesn’t in any other way affected or bother me in the slightest.

Im great with children but due to my size foster mum says I would be better with bigger older children so I don’t knock them over when we are playing. Pls share my post someone, somewhere is looking for a good boy like me and you could be share that finds me that home.

Neutered, Vaccinated and up to date flea and wormer

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance

Fostered in Hay on Wye