14 May 2023

Tani *****ADOPTED******

By Emma
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Tani D2021-141

  • Needs to be an only dog
  • No cats or small furries
  • Older teenage children
  • Owners home most of the time.

Tani a 7 year old mixed terrier described by her foster mum as a do that just loves people. At home she needs to be close to you and will hop into your lap and ask for snuggles. She likes to sleep on the bed and sofa so will need to go to a home where she’s allowed on the furniture!

Veterinary history to be discussed but since her pictures were taken, she has had to have her left eye removed due to glaucoma. She is now feeling much better and this has not slowed her down.  

Tani is a cheeky little lovebug. She trots around the house, makes herself at home on the sofa and the bed, and rolls around like a little goofball with her legs in the air. She’s incredibly gentle and loving but has personality for days and is always making us laugh with her mannerisms. If you stop cuddling her too soon, she’ll let you know with a playful boop of her paw.

Cannot be homed with cats or small furries as she goes full terrier.

Tani has met a few children and is generally fine but we would say older sensible children would be best (secondary school age) as she doesn’t cope well with loud noises, sudden movements or being touched/grabbed unexpectedly. She’s never shown any aggression towards people but we wouldn’t take any risk.

Tani is not really interesting in toys and can be reactive to dogs approaching her too quickly. She just likes to pick and choose her friends. She has been seen playing with one dog in the park but basically she gives them all a wide berth. New owners will need to be able to advocate for her and ensure that dogs approaching her are polite and respect her space.

Tani walks very well on her lead, doesn’t pull and is happy to trot along with you. Off her lead she generally stays close by. Foster mum has been working on her recall but new owners will need to continue this in a secure area. Out on a walk she can be a little shy with new people but she’ll happily have a little sniff and a tail wag before carrying on her adventures.

She will sleep in her dog bed but her favourite place is to be on her human’s bed nice and close.

She is fully house trained and is very gentle with food and treats.

Tani would love humans that have lots of time to spend with her- retired people or people working from home would be ideal. She is fine to be left alone for a few hours and is never destructive but she’s much happier when her people are around. She gets worried about loud noises and sudden movements so a quieter home would be better. She doesn’t need tonnes and tonnes of walking but she loves to do big sniffs around the woods or the park or the beach so owners would need to be happy with moderate activity for her adventures. Overall, someone that will treat her like a princess, shower her with love and spoil her rotten for the rest of her life- she’s a gentle soul who’s had a rough and disrupted life so far and deserves to be queen of her new castle as an only dog.


Vaccinated, Microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance

Fostered in Cardiff