24 May 2023

Mavis *****ADOPTED*****

By Emma
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Mavis D2023-39

  • Can be an only dog
  • Can also live with another sensible dog
  • Older dog savvy kids
  • Breed savvy home

Mavis is a typical 6 month old bulldog puppy. She loves life, food and loves being everywhere at once. She is into everything and loves helping in the garden, with stray washing and has even been known to help tidy shoes around the house so she is full of fun, mischief and loves nothing more than a sofa snooze after a bush day of puppy life.

Mavis is recovering from a complex fracture in her front leg and although she’s never acted like she has a broken leg and doesn’t believe in staying calm or quiet she is still on a restricted exercise recovery programme in guidance with her vet specialist. Due to her recovery for a broken leg mavis isn’t allowed on walks yet so will need owners prepared to follow her care plan to get her back to full fitness slowly and show her everything a puppy needs to be a well adjusted social dog.

Mavis is a very cheeky loveable pup who is always exploring the house when not napping! She is very cuddly but also likes to nibble ears when being cuddled but be warned when she wriggles like a crocodile she wants to get down and be a strong independent female bulldog.

Mavis currently lives with a cat who isn’t a fan of Mavis and her lack of personal boundaries but Mavis loves the cat and tries to play with him daily!

Mavis is a whirlwind so wouldn’t be suitable with small children but could be homed with older children who would understand she can’t chase toys or balls until her leg is fully healed and she will try and play with toys regardless of who they belong to.

Mavis is very playful and loves other dogs and toys. Currently because of her leg she has to be calm and not play rough. She lives with a variety of dogs in her foster home and loves cuddling up with them when she’s tired.

Mavis walks well on a collar and lead, she can be stubborn as a bulldog so will need encouragement when allowed on walks.

As she is recovering, she currently sleeps in a crate in the kitchen. Although she doesn’t always appreciate the crate she does need to be in there when unattended so she doesn’t harm her recovery.

Mavis needs reminders to go outside to pee and any new owner should be prepared to work on this with her.

Mavis is very food orientated and loves food or treats.

Mavis would suit a family that are ready to have a bulldog take over their house, and a family that if she is quiet somewhere they’ll know she’s up to mischief. She is a funny, cheeky, loveable pup and she will bring so much fun to any home. She needs to continue rehab with her leg while it heals so she needs a home dedicated to following vet advice on exercise and recovery.

Mavis could live with another dog if the dogs very tolerant of puppies but she would also be equally happy on her own with her own humans to entertain her. She needs a bulldog experienced home and someone that isn’t just interested in her colouration.
She has spent weeks recovering from a broken leg and has spent large amounts of time crated so she can be very excitable, understandably, when she is out. A family that is going to make sure she doesn’t overdo it or charge around like a bulldog in a china shop.

Mavis is the most wonderful character and whoever adopts her will be getting an amazing dog to adventure with and teach about life now she’s ready to start getting back to full activity levels.


Vaccinated, Microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Fostered in Crewe

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance