31 January 2023

Winter *****ADOPTED*****

By Emma

Winter D2022-204

– 19 months old

– only dog

– loves children

– a large sofa for cuddles is a must

bull dog experience home

– enjoys human company

“Winter is such a fun loving dog, she is very people orientated and is on you before your bum hits the sofa- she loves cuddles, loves a fuss and is happy saying hello to anyone

Winter loves sofa naps and snoring her head off, you have to put the volume up when she’s in her deep sleeps 😂

Winter is always pleased to see you and greets you with a stumpy legged wiggle that doesn’t stop until you stroke her. winter with play with toys and loves to desqueak any in record time Outside the home Winter is fine with other dogs and will run and play with them”

Winter is fine to be left for a couple of hours.

She travels well in the car and enjoys her walks, she enjoys going home to the sofa the most.

House training almost there.

Crate trained

Are you looking for a goof ball with no manners in personal space then Winter is the blanket for you.