31 January 2023

Davey *****ADOPTED*****

By Emma
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Davey D2023-15

Okay so you are going to have to bear with me on this one as its going to take a bit of imagination but our Davey is a lovely 5 year old Poodle who if he was a character would be Bilbo Baggins. You know the little one who eventually saves the day in those really long films. I can hear you asking why and Oh god here she goes again but stick with me.

Davey thinks he is unworthy, unloved and underwhelming in the story of his own life where in fact he is the most amazing little man who needs to find his side kick and supportive family to get the best out of him. Terrified of his own shadow and believing that he is crap under pressure he would prefer to stay in his own little bubble and not meet anyone or do any exploring in the big wide world. He wasn’t happy where he was but it was all he knew and a cold floor and food occasionally was what he thought he deserved, but he doesn’t Davey deserves the world and he will see that one day. Its just at the moment all he sees is scary people and scary things.

Small noisy people who want to touch him as he looks cute and fluffy scare him but children who sit and read to him and wait for him to come to them are interesting and maybe just maybe if they keep reading him stories he will like and trust them.

Outside the door of his Hobbit hole Davey thinks the world is going to kill him or the door is going to be shut and he is going to be abandoned cold and alone again so he’s not sure if he wants to go out there. If his mate Samwise (well you get it another dog) goes with him and holds his paw then that would be okay as Sam is brave and Davey can be brave too.

He has seen the other dogs wearing collars and harness and leads and whilst the other dogs seem excited to be going on adventures and outside Davey thinks these things are instruments of torture and it’s going to take time to convince him.

Davey has also seen the others playing with round, squeaky and nosy things and although he doesn’t like it the others seem to like it so its going to be okay right. Well maybe in time.

Now as for these 2 legged giant things that keep telling him he is loved and safe he thinks they are lying as Davey has never had anyone on his side and rooting for him to succeed before but the other dogs they seem to like them. They are a source of food and when they pet the others, they seem to like it so maybe just maybe they are going to be okay so he’s starting to seek attention and maybe he will just poke a toe outside of the bubble and see if it really is safe.

I know I’ve written this in a really weird way and I appreciate you tolerating me but Davey really is like Bilbo Baggins. One day he is going to be great and brave and everything he should have always been but he needs a family and an adventure buddy who will help him get there. It’s not going to happen overnight but as the days and weeks pass, he will gain in confidence and being part of that journey will be soooooooooo rewarding. Davey needs you to have patience and faith in him that he will get there one day. I cant wait to tell him that a family has come forward to be brave enough for him until he finds his paws. Thanks for reading and not just looking at his cute picture.

Davey needs

  • A resident dog or dogs
  • Can live with a dog savvy cat
  • Teenage children
  • A family to be brave for him


1 st vaccs, Microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance

Fostered in Cardiff