7 May 2024

Willow *****ADOPTED*****

By Emma
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Willow D2024-57

  • Resident dog
  • Dog savvy children
  • Patient and loving owners

Willow is a 5 year old Cocker Spaniel described by her foster family as the most, gentle, sweet natured dog who has been an absolute pleasure to foster. She hasn’t been out on a walk yet as she’s not fully vaccinated. She’s well behaved and a fast learner showing real signs of intelligence.

Willow likes humans and dogs alike and is desperate to trust and be your friend. She is unsure sometimes if you approach her and try to smooth her, but she will allow you to do so. Once she trusts you, she’s more relaxed and will follow you around and approach especially if you have food. When visitors come, she will watch them and come up for a little sniff and go back in her dog bed and watch.

The way to her Willow’s heart is definitely food, she adores food and her cheeky side is starting to come out. She will put her paws on the kitchen table and stretch her head to see what you’re eating and if you’re not watching I have no doubt she would eat your dinner.

Willow would be fine with a dog savvy cat

Willow hasn’t met any children but as she has a gentle nature, we would say she would be fine with older sensible children who would respect her boundaries and know when to give her space.

She is starting to take notice of the dog toys and enjoys carrying them around. She has started to try and play with the resident dogs and dogs that have visited the home. She is starting to do the play bow and wanting to encourage play.

Willow’s lead and harness walking is a work in progress. She has only recently been spayed and has been practicing in the home. She allows foster mum to put on the harness and has been walking out in the garden. She’s a good girl and treats definitely help.

Willow sleeps all night and doesn’t snore. She sleeps in a dog bed at the side of foster mums bed. She sleeps all night and is dry being as good as gold.

Willow’s house training is nearly there and she has only had a few accidents she. She will either pace back and forth or go to the back door to let you know she needs to go out.

Willow is absolutely fine with food around other dogs.

Willow needs a home with another dog and someone who is home most of the time. She is the most precious dog and deserves only the best. She needs a home with someone who is kind, loving and patient and someone who will not rush her but give her as much time as she needs to completely come out of her shell. She is already amazing but when she does flourish, she is going to be the most incredible dog and her new owners will be the luckiest people in the world. She needs someone who will go that extra mile to make sure she gets to experience the life only a dog could dream of.PS Willow said dog treats are a must 🐾🐾


1st Vaccs, microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

Comes with 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance

Fostered in Newport