15 October 2020


By FOAW staff
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Children aged 7 and over

Active family

Another active playful fur baby as a companion

Fostered in South Wales

Tommy is a handsome 12 week old ball of fluff that will grow into a Bichon Frise. He is confident and playful loving nothing more than playing tug of war and chewing his toys. He is an inquisitive pup who enjoys exploring the garden, playing with other dogs in his foster home and meeting new people who will fuss him.

Tommy loves a cuddle but being a baby he also likes his own space and will happily spend time with his toys alone.
He has been left alone with the other dogs in the house for a couple of hours at a time and has been fine and gives a lovely greeting on your return!

Currently his favourite hobby is pinching shoes and as a typical pup he likes to chew everything! Distracting him with high interest toys works a treat! Tommy enjoys zooming around the garden and chasing balls but hasn’t got the hang of ‘fetch’ yet!

He sleeps in the kitchen with the other dogs at night and is mostly using the puppy pads to toilet but this is a work in progress and there are understandably some accidents. He eats well and enjoys an occasional treat showing no food aggression.
He travels well in a crate in the car.

Tommy is very sociable and likes to be handled. He has behaved very well at bath time and has enjoyed being groomed.

Tommy has been introduced to children of different ages but we feel children aged 7 and over would be best for this active fluff ball. He has enjoyed playing with them and being cuddled.

Tommy is sociable and playful with other dogs in the house but hasn’t met any other dogs outside as he is too young for walks. He has behaved very well at the vets.

Tommy has a great temperament for a baby but would benefit from another playful fur baby to continue his education. He is going to need an active home who have enough time to spend training him to be the perfect pet.

Male 12 weeks old

Resident active and playful dog for a companion

Children 7 years and over

A family who will spend time on training and educating to be the perfect companion

Tommy is microchipped and up to date flea and wormer

He has had his first vaccination and will come with a neutering voucher

Fostered in South Wales

5 Weeks Agria pet insurance